Monday, November 16, 2009

Waiting for the sun to clear away the haze.

Pee Wee says "Good afternoon to you. I hope you are having a fabulous day."

Where was I? Where am I? Honestly, I'm trying to figure out how to continue using this. There are many people now in my life who remind me - "don't blog about this (nervous laughter)" and at the same time I often tire of writing solely about myself. I started this whole thing because I wanted to continue writing in some regular way; however, I think I've found that with another venture and now I don't know how to incorporate the ol' blogspot in my routine. I'll figure it out. I envision some more thinking and a reshaping for 2010.

My weekend? Let's see -

It began with a viewing of The Fantastic Mr. Fox alongside Jesse, Gaby, Kells, and Mike. It was, indeed, fantastic. The animation was adorable, along with the characters and the voices. George Clooney stars, but I was really captivated by Jason Schwartzman's turn as his son, Ash.

Jesse and I slept in on Saturday - like, REALLY slept in. It felt great after the hectic three weeks of work I've been having. We got up at around 1:30pm. Okay - wait, I got up at around 10am, took a shower, blowdried my hair, and then got back in back at noon until 1:30. It's really hard for me to stay asleep in the mornings these days!

We promptly went to brunch upon waking, only to be met with an hour wait that didn't get food into our stomachs until 3pm. The humanity!

Speaking of...probably my biggest guilty pleasure is huge-budge, special-effects-laden disaster movies. And 2012 came out this weekend and I simply HAD to see it. However, nobody would go to see the "crapfest" with me, so I was determined to see it by myself. I trudged in the rain to Manhattan from Brooklyn and found myself seated in the packed theater between two others seeing the movie solo. I tell you what: it didn't disappoint! It was like a rollercoaster of DOOM and DEATH and then quiet hope. Haha, nobody cares about that hope and the survival of the human race! The earth is crumbling around these characters you like and dislike! People die! It was amazing. But I can't do it justice like The Awl did - read the best review of the film HERE. It's entitled: "'2012' is Awesome and Haters Can Suck It" - the body just amazing as the title.

Afterwards, I headed to SoHo to meet up with some lovely ladyfriends - Kells, Amber, Tiffany, and Anabel - for some exquisite English cuisine and a gabfest. It also included some zoom-in shots of Willem Dafoe's neck-skin, as I had to google image-search the actor after someone divulged in a certain crush. These are the things we talk about...

Anyway, then Amber and Kells and I headed into Brooklyn to meet up with Jesse, Mike, James, and Adam and played UNO and darts. At a bar. Until around 3 in the morning. I am always at my loosest when in the presence of Amber and Kelly - you never know what I'm going to do or say, and sometimes I don't. As you may have already guessed, we slept in on Sunday as well.

But upon waking, I made Jesse what he termed, "the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had." I then congratulated myself on my burgeoning domesticity and we settled in for some football. I also called my father as it was his BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Erica and I made margaritas for the evening Colts v. Pats games with one of the wedding gifts Jesse and I recieved - a blender. I was very impressed by its power to get me tipsy.

On the football front, my six-week fantasy football winning streak has come to an end, as has Belichick's infallibility and that is all I can say about last night's game, as I am too bitter to linger on it long. Soon after that, I curled up in bed with book #48 (!!!) of the year. Progress report to come soon, along with another (longer) tale of domesticity.

How was your weekend?


  1. I did the same thing on Sunday - was wide awake at 10am and didn't want to get out of bed. I made it until 11 hahah. That means we're getting old when we have trouble sleeping past noon.

  2. it's hard to blog abut yourself, i understand. i feel that way almost always--but i have private friends and do not want to blog about other people's drama. i also have to censor myself because i work in childcare, so i have to be at least mildly appropriate.

    i do hope you continue blogging. you are missed.

  3. Ahh I can't wait to see the Fantastic Mr Fox! it's not out in Boston yet. Boooo! And yumm margaritas. Now I want one.