Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Even now I can feel your hand.

As I related in the last point, I saw the movie In the Cut, as recommended to me by Amber, and was surprised to find how much I loved it. I'm also obsessed with this particular tumblr that summarizes or features movies in four frames. Above is my hand at "framing" Jane Campion's 2003 movie. I instantly thought of framing the film because of how interesting Campion's shots were throughout. Has anybody seen it? What did you think? I remember people absolutely hating it when it came out; I can't believe I hadn't seen it until now.

The viewing also led to a little shake-up in my Top Five. Mark Ruffalo has always been near the top, but was never included. Well, he has taken down Lee Pace. Pace, as you may remember, was the lovable main character on Pushing Daisies, but since that has been cancelled, my love, too, has waned in his absence. Ruffalo is IN. Also, weird fact that I learned while watching the behind-the-scenes featurette on In the Cut - Ruffalo hadn't worked in ten months when approached my Campion, as he had just gotten over brain surgery from having a brain tumor that paralyzed half of his face. He doubted whether he would even return to acting.

In other news, the new Dashboard Confessional album is out today and I've been listening to it for the past week completely enamored with both the full-band and acoustic versions of the songs. Before listening, I wondered why he would even put out two versions of the same songs, and once I listened to the electric songs it became clear: Carrabba, you are using some electronic effects! Gotta get those acoustic songs out there too for the ol' die-hards...like my friend Rick, who has always proclaimed Dashboard is infinitely better unplugged. Rick and I plan on discussing the album(s) this week, and I'll let you know how that debate goes. For now, you can pick up the album for $6.99 today via Shockhound and if you want to know my two favourite songs at the moment they are "Get Me Right" and "Even Now."

Also, you know that movie Say Anything? It was released TWENTY years ago. Can you believe that?Lloyd Dobler holds the title as my first swoon ever. Way over any other 80s teen character, Lloyd was my silver-screen lobster - and I think every girl who's seen it. Some of the ladies came over on Saturday night for an anniversarial viewing, in which we talked about when we had first seen it, and how in ways it ruined our ideas of love - Lloyd Dobler does not exist (these sentiments were half-joking). Our own Jiscilla had never seen the film - I KNOW. We laughed as she commented during the viewing: "Aw, her dad is so nice. He takes care of her." and "She's not going to give him that pen, right? HA. That would be awful." I actually loved seeing someone react to the movie without ever having seen it! We all revelled in Diane Court, Joe lies/When he cries, Stoltz, keymaster, "If you were Diane Court would you fall for Lloyd Dobler?", kickboxing is the sport of the future, how does that "happen", I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen, IN YOUR EYES THE LIGHT THE HEAT, etc., etc., etc.

I think you know I could go on about this seminal film of my adolesence - couldn't you? Is there anyone who doesn't like this movie? (And not in an award-worthy way or had to be relevant to your childhood way - just, simply, like or do not like...and why?) I think a negative opinion of Say Anything would really surprise me! Like, surprise me in a way completely different than when people say they hate The Beatles or The Godfather. How can you hate on Lloyd? Anybody want to prove me wrong?


  1. I only actually got around to seeing "Say Anything" this year . . . but I absolutely adored it. I don't think anyone couldn't like it, or not fall in love with Lloyd just a bit. (Even the dudes...)

  2. Lloyd Dobbler. My ideal boyfriend.

  3. I'm excited for Shutter Island which is coming out soon to get my Ruff fix. Plus I really liked the book.