Friday, November 6, 2009

Get me right.

I KNOW! My posting has been dismal! Even my father is eager for me to extract words from these fingers. He scolded me about not quitting something everyone enjoys. Not that I was ever in danger of quitting, but I'm pretty sure this is a good place for my dad to keep tabs on me and when I don't post for two weeks, he becomes concerned, though we talk a few times a week on the phone.


And so, I now attempt to catch you up on what I've been up to. Work has been particularly "way harsh, Ty" for the past two weeks. It's just started to go from boiling out of control, to a quiet, easy simmer. Also, my use of foodie adjectives does not mean I've learned to cook a great deal, though my mother-in-law got me a subscription to Cooking Light and it has inspired me to attempt it with a real day...hopefully soon.

You ever feel like so many things are constantly happening you can't keep up? Yeah, that's what's been happening and I haven't had a respite for some real good "me" time or "catching up with my own life" time. And since I don't have time for that, I simply haven't had time to reflect upon it via this here blog. Which isn't bad at all, since I've been having an absolutely stellar, indescribably fun time with my husband and all my friends! But to recap...
  • My parents visited and Jesse and I treated them to a lovely New York steak dinner at Keen's Steakhouse. Over delicious meat, my mother began talking about babies. As in Jesse + Jessica babies. As in not JMJsquared, but JMJtripled. As in I'm so glad I would feel guilty about not eating this pricey meal because otherwise I would have lost my appetite. As in, me? Really? Us? The people who can't stand it when the kitten cries at five in the morning and throw him out of our room? Yeah, we're not baby people - yet. NOT FOR A LONG TIME!
  • My friends and I saw Aziz Ansari do standup at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and he was hilarious. Then Jim Gaffigan showed up as a surprise and did a set and I think I may have been doing his "audience voice" impression for an hour straight to my friend Amber, who was not even there, but it was one of those special ocassions where it didn't matter, we were cracking up at 3 in the morning by me simply saying "that's not funny" in a strange voice. I can't even explain it. Probably why I didn't think it was bloggable in the first place!
  • I'VE BEEN READING! I am now on book #46 of my list, and it is week #44! I've been loving most of what I've been reading lately. Currently I'm reading something that is probably the most self-relevant book I've ever read - it's a collection of short stories called Come Together, Fall Apart by Cristina Henriquez. I'll write more on this later, perhaps after I finish it or at the end of the year during my book wrap up!
  • I am #1 in my fantasy football league for the THIRD week in a row. I am impressing myself at this point. We'll see though, it could all change this weekend!
  • MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK announced that their next album, My Dinosaur Life, will be out on JANUARY 19th, 2010!!! They have all the info on their website, as well as a tracklisting - and I can't wait for everyone to hear it!! Seriously. SERIOUSLY. It's rad and I'm biased but I'm also just a superfan married to that certain man and...oh crap, I'm rhyming (first sign of insanity). Yes, this album kind of drives me crazy in an awesome way.
  • (Okay, I'll try to reel it in...)
  • I saw a ridiculously great movie entitled In the Cut, starring Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo and directed by a favourite, Jane Campion. I didn't see it when it first came out years ago because it was pretty much panned, but after Amber suggested I netflix it, I was astounded to find a great female-perspective noir detective thriller. And you know what? I think Ruffalo just made it into my top five, officially. (He's always been hovering, especially because he's probably my favourite rom-com dude ever in 13 Going on 30). I'm working on a visual "framing" of the film, coming soon! And you're wondering who got kicked out of my top five aren't you? Something I'll update in the future...
  • For Halloween my friends and I simply had a great games night. Halloween is one holiday I try to avoid being in Manhattan for - only bested by St. Patrick's Day. So instead we have decided to get dressed up tonight for our friends' party down the street. Yes, it's a post-halloween party. I'm sure I'll have some pictures to share.
What have you been up to? I've been reading everyone's blogs, make no mistake, but some of you don't blog! What were you for Halloween?!

Quick story that just happened: I almost peed my pants in the elevator.

First, you have to understand the mindset I was in: I work in a building on Madison Ave where I see Anna Wintour on pretty much a weekly basis because she gets her hair done in a salon on another floor. Also seen in the lobby or around are Ivanka Trump, Tom Wolfe, etc - seeing a celebrity every now and then is not that surprising, but it's always fun.

So I saw Anna Wintour this morning from an elevator vantage point, and she looked impeccable, and then I got on an elevator an hour later and there was a guy on there who from the side angle looked exactly like Chris Pine. I stared blatantly at him because I didn't know if it was him or not. He was wearing a plaid shirt and jeans and slip-on sneakers. For those brief moments I considered: if I really am in an elevator with Chris Pine, I HAVE to say something, right? A picture with my iPhone? Pass him the number of one of my single friends for his "time in New York"?? WHAT DO I DO?

But then my death stare (it must have seemed that way to everyone else in the elevator, not the very least to the "man in serious question" himself) got a reaction from Chris Pine-y (yeah, I definitely made him uncomfortable with my mouth agape and all) because he stared back at me face-full-on and I realized that no, this man is not the matinee idol from Star Trek. No, he's not that top five-r. He's just a really hot dude who works in my building. BOO.


  1. You should add the book "In the Cut" to your list. I read it a long time ago, but it was a pretty interesting read. Very graphic. Different from the movie. I remember being very surprised that Meg Ryan was the lead in the movie.

    I am the WORST when it comes to recognizing celebs. I work in Hollywood, so I see a lot of people, but I always think it's someone who kinda looks like someone famous, not the actual person. I'm usually wrong and regret it later. The best is when someone comes in to meet with our EP's and I ask them their name and they tell me. Oh. Duh. No wonder you looked familiar. Right this way, Jon Voight.

  2. You say writing humor is difficult? Stretch that elevator story into 2 pages and get a little creative. The potential is there. :)

  3. A really hot dude in your building looks like Chris Pine and you say Boo!!!!???? If only a guy looked like that in MY building.

    As for Hallowe'en . . . I was a devil and I kissed a cute guy. All in all my favourite Hallowe'en EVER. Fact.

  4. Hmmm Chris Pine. He's sexy. I will pray that someday it will be him in the elevator.

  5. Ohh I feel you on the baby thing- mainly because I'm the EXACT same way with my cat. She's meowing too loudly? When I want to be sleeping/studying/reading? Can't take it.

  6. UGH We're getting the baby thing from EVERYONE. It's been three months, people! Chill! (btw, happy 3 month anniversary on Sunday!)

    Jim Gaffigan is hysterical in person. Prob one of the funniest shows I've ever been to.

  7. awesome wrap-up post. HI DAD!
    also, NEVER boo a boy who looks like chris pine who WORKS IN YOUR BUILDING. you're going to get to see him more and pretend. right? :)

  8. i wonder if you've played the game yet. mostly cause i wonder if it's any good (and if it's not i'm totally sorry.... !!!). as for the baby thing: i'm wondering if my parents have started to wonder if they are starting to regret the "please just practice safe sex" talk back in the day, and are wishing they had an eight year old grandchild.

    the good news ? my brother's girlfriend has a one year old. they haven't all met yet but i'm hoping it lasts so the pressure is off.

    also wondering how peewee is doing. there is not nearly enough about him and i feel somewhat invested.... :)

    and finally (cause this comment isn't bloody long enough !), i'm glad to have you back, i've missed you. xx

  9. I once went up to a dude at the Garden City Starbucks in Cranston and asked him how I knew him. I INSISTED it had to be from soccer, or school, or the beach club, but finally with a little laugh he uncomfortably introduced himself... as Fred Durst.

    I was mortified.

  10. Also, no one ever pressures my brother, who has been married 3 years, to have babies, but with me they are already on it. I wonder if it's because I'm the girl or because I always said I wanted kids young. I still want them like NOW, but we are waiting anyway and I hate the pressured feeling!