Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now I just have to learn the Dewey Decimal system.

Hola! So I think this Fifty-Two Books thing is getting to me. I realized I've been dressing like a kooky librarian. And then I thought, you know what? That's pretty sweet. Today's outfit for instance:

I woke up and put on dark purple tights, a bright pink skirt, a bright green cardigan, white tee, and floral scarf. Cardigans are so librarian, love them.

Oh, wait. Those look like new glasses don't they? Well, here's the thing. I have horrible eyesight. I'm pretty blind without a prescription. The last few years I've gone to an optometrist for glasses, they keep on reminding me how bad my prescription is when I start looking at frames: "You're going to need thicker frames than that."

So I picked up this brown tortoise pair via Ralph Lauren, and was set. Slightly geeky, but not wholly unstylish (these days). I went to the optometrist last Friday and the doctor informed me that if I kept wearing my contacts as long as I do, with as much computer staring as I do at work, then my eyes were going to explode (that may be hyperbole, but he did use the word EXPLODE). He said I should be wearing glasses at least three days out of the week.

Luckily, I had this pair!

However, when I picked them up today I realized that not even the super thinned out lenses I paid extra for really fit in these medium-frame glasses. They stick out a smidge, but that's hardly noticeable. I'm pretty sure I'll be one of those grandmas with two-inch thick glasses who's always squinting (get ready, Jesse!).

Speaking of, Jesse also got me a nerdy pair of Kirk Originals glasses that I absolutely adore. They're yellow tortoise shell...

And come with a surprise on the left side!!! -

I saw them and immediately thought about how stoked my 7th-grade self would have been. PRETTY STOKED! Yes, it's all glitterized - on one side. The other side is completely normal. Do love.

I can't wait to switch these pairs around during the week. I also have a black pair (boring!) but I'm pretty sure I'll continue wearing these perfectly librarian-esque frames with my increasingly coloriffic outfits. I have to say, I'm pretty satisfied with my latest sartorial choices! And I should be, right??

Anybody else wear glasses? Particularly thicker-framed ones? Fave brands? Apparently my blindness is an excuse to invest in this particular accessory...!


  1. I love this post for so many reasons. I want that outfit!! Actually, I think I have something very similar. Maybe I will put it on and post a picture.

    Cardigans & scarves = essential.

  2. I can not get enough cardigans. I hate long sleeve shirts so I like to wear cardigans over tank tops and tees. I don't wear glasses but if I did I would love something fun like the glittery ones.

  3. You TOTALLY inspire me to try new things fashion-wise. I'm always so plain- but you look so adorable! Maybe I can find a middle ground? :) Haha.
    Love the glasses, too- very awesome.

  4. I wear glasses but my prescription is pretty light so I don't need thick lenses. And I'm hopefully having laser eye surgery in 2 months (unless I freak out and cancel. Again.)

  5. Its nice to know that Im not the only one whos thinks about how the lenses sticks out on the frame, I thought I was just OCD about it. Hahah!

    You glittered pair is gorge!

  6. A)That is totally a Chuck outfit, which is awesome ; )
    B)Either you haven't updated your calendar since your birthday or that's a clock and an amusing coincidence

  7. Girl, I am blind as a BAT! I definitely wear my contacts for way too many hours a day, but my old pair of glasses made me feel really self conscious in public. I got a great new pair of black Ray Ban frames this year and I would wear my glasses a lot more frequently, but I have this weird thing where I get anxious when my perifial vision is cut off - which happens a bit when I'm wearing glasses instead of my contacts. I think it's just something that's happened over the many years I've needed help seeing (got glasses in 4th grade, contacts in 6th).

    A trick I learned with thicker lenses is if you want to avoid that fishbowl feeling when you're looking through them, it's recommended that you get narrower frames so that your eyeballs are centered right in the middle. The larger the lens area, the more fishbowl-ey it will make you feel.

    Those Kirk Originals are HOT!

  8. Side note, is it 'perifial' or 'periferal'? Haha my brain is fried, need sleep.

  9. completely unrelated, but i'm putting puzzle pieces together. say it ain't so!!!! PUMPED!


    Ginny - Cardigans are the best!

    Melissa - Buy one super-bright thing next time you're out! The easiest? Tights! Buy a green, blue, yellow, or red pair of tights and put them on with a simple black dress and black shoes. That's one of my favourite things to do when I want some bright in my day! :)

    Hillary - Ugh, I am seriously considering lasik! that I just spent a buttload on these glasses... hahaha

    Rhea - I hate the lenses sticking out! It's like waving a nerd flag or something. But, gotta do what ya gotta do!

    Rick - I didn't even realize it's Chuck-ness, but yes! She's always in my subconscious making my fashion decisions, I suppose. And you totally noticed!! In the first picture, that paper calendar is permanently at September 28. And in the glasses pictures, that's a clock. But it stopped working months ago and the battery is really weird so we just left it at 9:28 as in my birthday. We're strange about numbers :)

    Aileen - I get so anxious about my peripheral (yup, that's how it's spelled!) vision! But my eyes semi-exploded last year so I didn't want to face that again!!! And I got glasses in 4th and contacts in 7th grade! Hilarious!!

    Brittany - YES!! Pay attention to the tags on this blog,'s all about clues and we know LOST is one of my fave shows. I'm glad such an astute reader noticed the "crowded my icebox" lyric from the weezer song "say it ain't so" in my post about MCS and "big announcements" YEAH!!!!!!

  11. Brittany - I think you'd be hard pressed to figure out the Edwardian tag, however....

  12. love the sparkles. if my eyes ever start exploding i want glitter on my glasses too!

  13. now...if i'm right you should tell me what last night is about since i never figured that one out. :)

  14. Sarah - glitter is the way to go!

    Brittany - I'm deleting the first of your last two comments and e-mailing you :)

  15. I love your outfit and new glasses! Tres chic! I'm rocking the librarian look myself, minus the glasses. I think the glasses are essential, however, I don't need them, so I suppose I'm not truly rocking the look. Maybe I'm just swaying to the beat a little.

  16. I have horrible eyesight and have worn contacts since I was thirteen. For the first time in years I got glasses the other week and kinda like them, much to my surprise. that being said, I haven't worn them in front of most people I know, and have only worn them in front of two people in real life, and sort of outed myself to my followers on twitter. Let's see how that goes...

  17. 1. gorgeous glasses and

    2. is that fact about wearing contacts true for all contact wearers because PB wears his contacts ALL THE TIME and he is on computer/tv/iphone all day and night??

  18. I wear three different pairs of glasses and LOVE to switch them around as well! Cardigans and glasses can complete ANY outfit in my opinion.

    My favorite designers to get frames from:
    -Armani: A little pricey but highly durable and very simple-elegant as opposed to geek-chic elegant. I have a thin black framed pair I wear when I just don't feel like cordinating and they're perfect and comfortable, I almost forget they're on half the time.
    -Miu Miu: ADORABLE thick frames, usually two-toned to be darker on the outside and a variation of a frosted color on the inside. My total "girl-geek-chic" glasses
    -Ray Ban: They do nerd and do it well. Big, bold, thick frames that work wonders for making a statement but still assisting to proportioning out facial features.
    -Dior: Again, a little pricey, but I found some of my favorite frame shape/sizes/colors have come from them!

  19. what kind of purple nail polish is that!? I've been on the hunt for a good purp color!

  20. Anon - that is OPI's "Do You Lilac It" - it's amazing, I LOVE the color!!