Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So I got this in my inbox from Who What Wear. And tonight I've decided to try out the blackberry lips. Not because I especially want to look like Mischa Barton, but I did have a tube of the color left over from the 1920s NYE party.

Also, it's CMJ! Which is always a fun time in New York, and I'm going to see EMPIRES tonight - remember they had my #2 album of 2008?? Well, it's their first ever show in New York and I will BE THERE!!! Then it's off to Trainwreck to see some of my favourite people - and tons of people are in town for the FUN.

Okay, so back to the lipstick. It looks far more darker in real life but that's the way my Macbook cam is, I guess!

Woah. That one's a little too serious, no? And my arm looks creepy!

Time for the fun!


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about dark lipstick, it looks good on you though!

    Also, I love Empires!!

  2. You look cute and I love the short hair!

  3. i love the color on you, it looks great with your sassy haircut :)

  4. liz - thanks lady! empires was awesome - how good is "i want blood"?!?!?!

    jamie - thanks!!

    ria - gracias! :)