Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am with you til the end.

Have you heard?

I love it. A lot. What do you think about it!?

The dudes are gearing up for an intense winter which includes a Halloween show on October 30th at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis (they have FUN stuff planned!), plus three shows in a row in Chicago in December - each show dedicated to playing one of their albums start to finish, another impending announcement regarding shows before year end (it's GOOD, trust.) and the new year means even more touring and yes...the new album, My Dinosaur Life. I'm so excited and excited for you to hear it!!

I'm stoked to join in the fun - well, as much as I possibly can. You know, I'm here in a cubicle, but I hope to escape ocassionally to join in the festivities when I can. (Yes, festivities.) Just as this past year has been a whirlwind with some quiet moments, I believe the upcoming year is about to jump to new levels of tornado-quality. Good, enthralling, lovely-sounding tornadoes!

Stay tuned for more official announcements on their newly designed site and you might also want to get a profile there ~ friend me if you do! I'm, quite surprisingly I think, "jessica maria" on the site.


  1. isn't it all nuts!? last night i felt so overwhelmed--and it was for THEM (not even myself). but i do want to be apart of it all. unfortunetly, work gets in the way. isn't it hard to be somewhere else when their is exciting MCS stuff happening? :[

    in other news, when do i get to see you next??? ugh! i don't think i am making it to chicago (taking a vacation with justin a week later and taking a week off of work for that). and you can't come to minneapolis for triple rock... where does that leave us??? hopefully watching a really rad show together very soon. ;]

  2. *there* is exciting MCS stuff happening.

    ugh. what an awful grammar mistake. forgive.

  3. I really wish that I lived in Chicago.

  4. ugh, i really wanna go to the chicago shows. both you and lindsay need to keep me in the loop on which shows you're planning on going to for all eternity. thank you and good day!

  5. i hope you come to austin again! i promise not to be sick this time.

  6. yes. yes. yes.
    i will be at all of the chicago shows and at the triplerock next week! YES!