Friday, October 16, 2009

Too much distance to measure it out.

I'm ecstatic about Fridays, it's true.

The weather of rain and cold winds doesn't even make a dent in my happy Friday mood. Work is more lax today, and somebody actually gave me a brownie (score!). I'm meeting up with Keller for lunch at Chop't - my favourite lunchtime eatery. I'm getting my eyes examined because I have two glasses frames that need prescriptions (!!!) and tonight I'll be meeting up with three lovely ladies I graduated high school with in Carlisle, PA. This includes my best friends Amber and Kells.

Plus, today, I'm wearing my fave LAMB cashmere hoodie at work. FANTASTICO!

And last night the loneliness of having both my husband and roommate gone was subsided by the merry trio of Jam, T-Bone, and Mike coming over to watch the two-hour NBC comedy block and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (milksteak!). Jam farted on the couch, lest I miss Jesse's own gassy habits (ugh, thanks). And T-Bone and Mike took the length of two sitcoms to order food. Fun was had, though!

Also, I was quite happy to be awake and out in the world this morning because last night at around 5am I rolled over to find a stuffed cat we keep on the top shelf behind my bed underneath the covers. This stuffed cat has never fallen off the shelf before in the years it's been there, and the real cats can't get up there to knock it off. I may have freaked out a little, and it may be because last weekend Jesse took me to see Paranormal Activity, where all scary things happen while they sleep which is one of my biggest fears.

Yeah, that's a screenshot from the movie. See how there's nothing there but there's a shadow against the door? THAT'S WHY THE MOVIE SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME. And why I may be a little hard pressed to find sleep tonight.

And how is your Friday going?! Anybody else see Paranormal Activity? Let's discuss.


  1. I love Fridays! Although I'm doing Overtime at 6am tomorrow morning so I can only take it easy tonight. Boo. :(

  2. I heard that movie was terrifying. I think I might wait for it to come out on video before watching.

    Also, it is cold and rainy in Philly too. Blah.

  3. I haven't seen Paranormal yet, but I know it's going to freak me out. I have the same problem you do. Only if I stay up into the wee hours of the night , alone watching a movie or whatnot, I get really paranoid. I hear noises and get super jumpy. I should probably wait to watch that movie until the semester is over. My sleep pattern sucks already.

  4. I saw Paranormal Activity on Monday with my friend Patrick, who works with me, and is convinced the '24' stages are haunted. We shoot a lot of overnights and he ends up working alone in the office and tells us all about his ghostly encounters - harmonica music, footsteps, shoulder taps... I don't think he'll ever work a late shift alone again after that movie. It was great. I was so tense the entire time that my body ached when it was over. I also hid behind Patrick's arm for most of the night stuff, especially towards the end. I didn't look at the screen at the end, either, I did not want to see whatever was going to happen there, but I really really want to know what happened down stairs. It was the best part of the whole movie - and we didn't get to see it!

  5. I saw Paranormal Activity and I think too much hype was created and it set my expectations far too high. I was thoroughly unimpressed with the movie. Yes, there were parts that were creepy and I had to hold on tight to someone's hand, but for the most part, I was bored the ending is what disappointed me the most.

  6. I saw Paranormal Activity and it freaked me out. I had a very hard time sleeping after I saw it. As the movie goes the haunting just gets progressively worse. I'm glad they used this version and didn't re-film it with better known actors.