Monday, November 23, 2009

You are an epidemic.

I took some time for a few love affairs this weekend.

I went to dinner on Friday night with three lovely ladies, and a jazz man. The food, previously tested, held up as scrumptious as the first try, and the margaritas were also delicious. Despues, Kelly, Amber and I went to a late showing of Broken Embraces, Pedro Almodovar's latest film starring Penelope Cruz. I can't express how much I love Almodovar and how I truly believe he's one of the only directors these days who takes the effort to portray art in filmmaking. Broken Embraces is another near-perfect movie from the director; another display of incredible talent from Cruz and a story that is heartbreaking and beautiful all at once.

And though many have tried to varying degrees of success, I think Almodovar's consistent homage to old Hollywood is simply the best. I've never seen Hitchcock's style used so brilliantly before Almodovar. I definitely recommend the film, as well as All About My Mother, Talk to Her, and Volver. Seriously.

But I'm not done professing my love, yet - on Saturday morning Amber and I woke up and decided we needed our eyebrows waxed. We looked up a nearby salon in Manhattan and cruised in to find ourselves in a quaint shop. I noticed all the pretty nail polish colors and Amber noticed the prices ($8 for a manicure!) and we decided to do both. And I picked out a light blue Essie shade that I am still completely in love with:

As we made our way to SoHo, we found a vintage store whose clearance rack held the PERFECT holiday party dress. This year will be our apartment's 4th annual holiday party, so a festive getup is a must. It's kind of ridiculous, but that's the point. You'll see! Afterwards, we met up with Tiffany in SoHo - Amber needed a winter coat and I had found an $80 Ben Sherman gift card unused from two years ago. Thus, Amber found a stellar plaid number in Zara and I found a cool button-up that only cost me $6.

That afternoon, Jesse returned from playing a show, and proceeded to play video games the rest of the night, as he had just recieved his new x-box. (Dudes.) Luckily, Gurj came over and Erica and I made margaritas while catching up and playing...Scrabble...and Jenga...and Sorry. We're way-cool Saturday night kids. But apparently tequila makes me SUPER tired?! Erica and I hit Snugglestown, USA (my bed) to watch UP which I just bought on blu-ray, and I was in and out of sleep for most of it.

I had a great night of sleep, however, and woke up bright and early on Sunday to shower, cook breakfast, and then settle in for some Netflix. Oh the activity! Anyway, here's where I came upon my next little obsessive affair - I watched Mysterious Skin (recommended by Christina). The story is eerie and quite sad; I cried during a few scenes. Also, it certified Joseph Gordon-Levitt as LEGIT TALENTED in my book. Whereas before he was yes, of course, quite he is legit, per me. And how adorably enthusiastic was he during SNL? Possible shake-up in the works.

The rest of Sunday was filled with Tom Brady, Taco Bell, and other things that can be shortened to "TB" - er, except tuberclosis. There was none of that.


  1. I loved Volver, so I'll have to check out Broken Embraces. Weekends full of movies are the best!

  2. ohhh a weekend full of love. my manicure is starting to chip already though! :( i have decided to join netflix soley because i now feel compelled to re-watch all of almoldovars films now. also, mysterious skin was my first jgl movie, and he was fantastic.

    ps cute button down! :)

  3. I am so jealous of your weekend extravaganzas.

    First off, the first pic of Penelope I saw in a thumbnail and absolutely thought it was you.

    I'm super sad I fell asleep during the end of Talk to Her a couple weeks ago. It was so good and I missed the best part. I no nothing of the director, but seeing that movie would definitely intrigue me to see more of his work.

    I love that shade of's gorg next to your ring.

    I went in to Ben Sherman last wk and just barely stopped an impulse buy of this blue plaid winter jacket. I'm still mourning over it.

    I cannot wait to see your party dress...we are the most festive bunch I know.

    And, MAN, I've been wanting to see Mysterious Skin for years! I don't know where I heard about it, but I completely forgot JGL was in it!!! Must. go. see.

    And I love you. That is all.

  4. A)There is nothing wrong with playing video games all night... (also props for letting him play video games all night)

    B)JGL just doesn't work as well abreviated as say RDJ

    C)Brick and The Lookout are both must sees, mostly Brick though that movie is so freakin good

  5. You ever see JGL on the yellow trains Jessica? I've seen him a few times heading downtown, maybe he lives near you haha.