Monday, January 4, 2010

I'd trade in my plot of land for a plane to anywhere.

Happy New Year! I owe an update, I know. I've just been having so much fun!

I still have to post a couple of more answers to your questions, a recap of my 52 Books in 2009 project, and MORE. Yes, there's more. I won't do a recap besides the books, because I'm pretty sure everyone knows how great the year 2009 was for this girl. Also, I've never been one for resolutions; I'm just ready to dive right into whatever 2010 has in store for me! And more importantly, what I have in store for it.

For now I wanted to check in and say that the past four days have been unbelievably fun, what with Curbside-r and lovely bestie Christy in town!! She's been visiting from Austin, Texas and it's so fun to have her back for a few days! We've been carousing with the other good people here in New York (including other superfun visitors like Jesse's friend Colin and Sean's friend Jess!), and rang in the new year with board games and Rock Band. I also decided to forgo any sequins or glitter and wear the loudest pants I owned in the 2000s:

(photo courtesy of the husband, watching my surely spectacular performance on Rock Band vox)

As you can see, bright, tight pants are probably a thing that I should keep to my past. I would share more pictures, but there was no time for photos with all the fun going on.

It's been unbelievably cold in New York, but that hasn't prevented us from going out to a couple of bowling alleys, shopping, and getting manicures (I'm sporting a dark gray, I love it). We've also spent plenty of time indoors with (you guessed it!) Rock Band, but also watching movies like I Love You Man500 Days of Summer (Christy obvs needed a recap on my Top Films of 2009) and two films I knew she had to see, given her love of traveling and mysterious strangers - Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. And then she gave me a tour of YouTube's finest Taylor Kitsch interviews. Tonight is her last night and I'm going to be ultra-bummed to say bye. Luckily, a trip to Austin seems to be in the cards this year...

Also, I'd just like to say that Jesse and I were the final two teams in our Fantasy Football League and went head to head this past weekend in the "Superbowl." And Jesse won. I came in second, which I am A-OK with mainly because my main fb-squeeze Chris Johnson broke 2,000 rushing yards this weekend and then had a (I quote) "CJ2K" party to celebrate. How I wish I could have been there! However, I was most likely drumming my wrists out to "Sunday Morning."


  1. i have a problem with not being able to stop playing guitar hero so i feel your rock band obsession.

  2. Oh Rock Band. Thank you for reminding I'm tone deaf. Better stay as a groupie. I love singing to Sunday Morning too.

  3. I love the Before Sunrise/Sunset movies--they're two of my faves. Also, I'm on page 96 of 2666. After I read your review I just had to give it a go.

  4. Alexa - it's SO hard! Especially when I have all of No Doubt's singles at my fingertips!!

    Bayjb - you haven't heard tone deaf until you've heard me sing :)

    Lyndsey - WOOOOO!!!! 2666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you. Persevere!