Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Question 43-56 (All the Rest of Them Edition)

I know you're a Pushing Daisies fan, but that might not make you biased towards this question. Cake or pie?

UNF. These questions can get real TOUGH. When I watched Pushing Daisies, I would crave pie SO MUCH. Ask Christy, we searched all of Brooklyn for a good slice after watching a couple of episodes and couldn't come up with one. And I've never done that with cake (hm, maybe ice cream cake?), so I will say PIE!

First off, your cats are adorable and your wedding looked amazing. What are some of your favorite tumblrs?

Thanks! Here's a list of some of my faves (I have all my tumblrs listed in my Google Reader bc I just can't deal with the tumblr dashboard sometimes, but these are the tumblrs I check pretty immediately when I sign into the reader because I love 'em):

Dance to the Radio
F--- Yeah Motion City Soundtrack!
Jordan Reid
Movies in Frames
Theo is Jonesing
The Vie Society
Alice in Tumblrland
Whiskey & Goats Milk

Also, my friends' tumblrs are rad (linked on my blogroll!)

My absolute favourite because she's hilarious and AWESOME: Sparkle Neely Sparkle!!!

Traveling - where did you go so far?

Where I've lived: Panama, Georgia, Virginia, D.C., Rhode Island, Kansas, Hawaii, Kentucky/Tennessee, Massachusetts, New Hampshire (summers), New York, Pennsylvania (and some of these places I've lived in more than once, years apart)

Where I've only visited: Orlando, Coconut Beach FL, Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Austin, Houston, Des Moines, Kansas City, Madison, St. Louis, Maine, Rochester, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, ARUBA...I'm probably missing some places, but that's the gist!

And there's a big international trip coming up here in March. You'll hear about it soon. I've been waiting and hoping and wishing for this trip for quite some time!! I want to squeal just thinking about it!!

Whats your most silly thing to do?

This blog? Just kidding. If you want to see me at my silliest, just see me with my best friend Amber. Seriously, the amount of shenanigans we get into is ridiculous from playing dead at parties or the faces we make at each other.

Who is the final boss of the internet, and, did you beat him or her?

I'm not sure, but I know I haven't beaten that person.

Your husband has a ton of tattoos - do you have any of your own?

I'm surprised I don't get asked this more often; I don't have any tattoos. Yet. I have one planned, and I'm pretty sure I know where (as in what shop) and when I'll be getting it.

To the one question that was asked and I cannot reprint here - yes.

Did you picture yourself to be where you are at this age? Married to a musician, living in New York, writing this blog, and working in fashion?
Absolutely not. When I was in middle school I was pretty sure I'd be living in New York, acting, and definitely single. When I was in high school, I thought I'd be living in New York, working as a forensic pathologist, and definitely single. For a time, my parents thought I would never get married. At least not until I was 40. When I hit college, I knew I wanted to live in New York (theme!), and I thought I'd be working at a magazine. And married by now? Pfft. No way. But I am where I am now, and I wouldn't change it for anything. I'm very much a "no regrets" person.

Do you fight the crowds and jump around in the pit at MCS shows or watch from backstage?

I was never a pit-jumper. (Okay, only once at Warped Tour in like 2002!) I would jump around and dance at the outer edges of the crowd. I still do. Being backstage/sidestage is kind of a bumout when you're watching somebody you really want to see because it doesn't sound that great and it's a little conspicious -it's harder to jump around by yourself! So, I find a spot where it sounds good, looks good, and I have room to have fun. In Chicago, that was on the balcony. At the Blender Theater in New York, I was at the back of the crowd with all my friends. Ocassionally when I'm visiting Jesse on tour and I don't know anybody at the show, I'll be sidestage rather than traverse a crowd and stand around by myself.

I am moving to New York City in a few days. I graduated college in May and all of my friends friends from school moved back to their respective hometowns and I'm a little worried it will be hard to make new friends in New York. Any suggestions on non-creepy ways to meet people?

New York is all about meeting people! I had some built in friends when I moved here, but from moving around all over the place, I can tell you making friends is usually tied to going out to places you like or finding people with similar interests and striking up conversation. I mean, that's just how I do it. What's the worst that can happen? A brush-off? Not that bad! If you see someone (who's around your age) on the subway reading a book you've read and loved, tell them that. (It's happened to me!) Check out indie movie screenings or book readings or art gallery parties or open bar parties, if that's your thing. There's always something happening in New York! Strike up a conversation with somebody you think you might get along with. Meet friends of friends or acquaintances and keep going. I knew maybe five people when I moved to New York, but now I know a zillion because I met friends of friends at social gatherings.

There's also meeting people at work who you common interests with, or taking up a class (like cooking or art or yoga) and meeting people through that venue. I hope you find some awesome friends!

I'm moving to Brooklyn in January. What's one of your favourite local hidden gems?

Hm, I don't know if it's exactly hidden, but Life Cafe off the L is great food and fun. Battleship Tuesdays = they have a giant battleship board, you guess a number with your drink, and if you hit a battleship, the second drink is on the house. Also, great (& cheap) brunch!

Others off the L: The Levee (bar), Alligator Lounge (A FREE PIZZA with every beer you order), Brooklyn Bowl (best on-the-rocks margarita I've had in this area - great food, bowling, and also a live music VENUE), and Wild Ginger (delicious vegetarian).

I lovee your blog. I read both your Tumblr and your Blogspot. What do you think about moving to New York? Is it amazing? I really want to move there one day.

Thank you! The first time I came to visit New York in middle school I knew, I just KNEW, I had to live here someday. Sometimes when I get an idea, I really can't let it go. I knew I had to move to a place that wouldn't bore me as easily as some other places did growing up. There's just always something to do!

Do you track who visits your blog on google analytics? Does your map look crazy because of lurkers?

Yes, I use Google Analytics, but mainly just to have stats ready if needed. Like, when the Brand About Town sponsor reached out to me about the Gap opportunity, I needed to have those stats on hand to be considered - like how many unique visitors I have a month and whatnot. I don't use the blog for any reasons than my own; I never want to use visual ads and I've never had the ambition to make money off this personal site - but getting a free pair of jeans and getting to spread that around to my friends and blog readers is pretty damn fun!

My visitor map does surprise me sometimes when I see a bunch of people here internationally! (Hola! Bonjour! Konichiwa!) And I suppose lurkers are simply those that have never left a comment: no big deal. My readers are awesome, just the same. Plus, I got this sent to my formspring and it's nice to know there are lurkers out there thinking as such -

Just wanted to say you are so inspiring in so many ways. Thank you for your blog. From, A Lurker

That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and I'm happy to have my own little spot on the internet that other people can read if they want to.

That concludes all the questions I have in my in inbox! If you have any more, I promise to answer them in a far more timely manner now that all the holidays and craziness are over! Thanks for all the people who reached out to me!

Ask my anything!


  1. This is great - I've loved learning more about you from this. Oh and I'm a massive Pushing Daisies fan too. LOVE it. :)

  2. international travel in march? hmmm...i have a feeling i know what that might involve and if so you are a lucky, lucky, lucky lady!!! :)

  3. i heard about your international trip and i am 1] quite jealous 2] know you will have a FANTASTIC time. enjoy!