Friday, January 8, 2010

See what the jukebox knows.

The past few days have been a bit busy - Jesse left for tour yesterday so on Tuesday night we had a date night and went to our favourite restaurant, Sweet Emily's. Then the staff told us that they were hoping we'd come in, as we're regulars, because...the restaurant is closing next week. I nearly CRIED at the table. I'm not kidding. Anyway, then we came home and watched Funny People which I'm going to add to my worst films of 2009 list. However, it was a lovely night all the same, as I have so much fun the husband.

On Wednesday night we played a long poker game in which I came in second (my streak continues!) and then yesterday morning I had to say bye - just as I felt the inklings of a cold coming on. I got home from work and got down to laundry and cleaning out my closet (ps I tend to do a lot of errands when Jesse first leaves for tour...) and by the end of the night I was coughing and sneezing all over the place. Today, I fare no better. The good thing is that I haven't been sick in about a year, perhaps more. I blame this cold on all the non-stop fun I've been having!

And now, to the questions I recieved the past couple of days (ask me anything here!) --

what are the chances of you coming to australia when mcs tour in feb? i have been a loyal reader of your blog (and tumblr - i'm mynameisjenna --i think you follow me--) for just over a year i think, maybe even longer and i honestly think if we met, we'd totally hit it off, as i always seem to be nodding my head whilst reading cause i seem to agree with a lot you say. yeah, we'd defs be buddies. so you should try come out, just for the week, just make sure you hit up melbourne.

Ah! Jenna! Unfortunately, I won't be in Australia this year, though I'd love, love, love to visit! It's definitely a destination for the future, and I'll be sure to include Melbourne. Glad we're of the same mind, too. Ha. Thanks for being such a loyal reader - your tumblr is lovely! (And I think you're actual tumblr is jennacampbell, right?)

What is one goal you’d like to accomplish during your lifetime?

Write a novel. What an accomplishment that would be. And, I'm actively working towards it.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?

Japan. I've been fascinated with Japan since college and I believe no matter how much I learn about the country, I still wouldn't be able to imagine what it's really like. I have so many Japanese trinkets and t-shirts from friends, family, and Jesse over the years that I am constantly reminded of how much I'd love to visit!

What are your favorite hobbies?

Reading, writing, watching movies, watching movies I love with people who haven't seen them yet, watching really bad tv shows and making fun of them, milling about in a used book store, discussing and debating books music film, hiking, researching obscure facts, going to shows.

If you could have dinner with one person from history, who would it be?

Hm. Tough.

Joan Didion in her late twenties, Marilyn Monroe when she was married to Arthur Miller, Audrey Hepburn when she was sixty years old, Bette Davis after filming All About Eve.

Hey Jessica! It's Kaleigh (aliceintumblerland). I am almost done reading White took me a while to get into it, but I'm liking it more now. It's a different style of writing that's new to me, so maybe that's what threw me a bit. I wish we could meet and drink coffee and talk about books all day! anyways, hope you're staying warm and not buried in snow. Have a lovely day! Thanks again for the book suggestions...I just bought 3 new ones. I'm trying to read some of the classics I never have before. I got Walden/Civil Disobedience, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and The Jungle. Your book reading has really inspired me to start reading like I used to!

White Teeth is not the easiest book to read, but I'm glad you like it! And I love getting together and discussing books - would totally be up for that if we lived in the same town! I haven't read any of your three choices, though I hope to some day. That's awesome that you're reading more! Yay!

Hey Jessica! I was wondering if you know who Idina Menzel is...because I think you two kind of look alike...:D

Idina Menzel is the person I get compared to the most - it's totally the square jawline! But, more so when I had long hair, I think. Also, since Spring Awakening opened a couple of years ago on Broadway, I've been out at bars and twice been mistaken for Idina-lookalike Lea Michele (who is now on Glee). Very, very complimentary to be compared to these two lovely Broadway stars (one of whom is married to Taye Diggs!).



And me with long hair:

Short hair, not so much?

We have similar jaws/coloring. What do you think? I've heard rumors that Idina Menzel will be guest appearing on an episode or two of Glee, as well!

Apparently Jiscilla and I went from total princesses to goths in a year.


  1. Wow! I never noticed but you really do look a lot like Idina! I think it's the smile and facial structure, but I totally thought that picture of her in the blue dress was you!

  2. Oh my gosh, I see the similarities between you and Lea Michele now, especially in that photo of you and Gaby. Wow!

  3. I freaking love Glee! And you really do look like both of them haha lucky girl. I think Lea Michele is GORGEOUS.

  4. I really do think you look like her (I asked the question by they way). I think you look more like Lea with shorter hair though :D

  5. I have always thought there was a resemblence especially when I saw Lea Michele in Spring Awakenings. But of course I thought you were prettier! Love, Tia Kim

  6. aww, you should definitely come.
    my goal is to eventually come to the states, maybe this year, that'd be sweet. NY is the number one place i want to go too, my friend went, said it reminded her of being in melbourne.

    and yeah, that's my tumblr.

  7. wow, parker, I never noticed the resemblance to Lea, but you totally totally, do! her character creeps me out, maybe you creep me out now. just saying.

    ps...i kid.

  8. When I used to watch ROME on HBO many moons ago, and we were not really friends, but acquaintances, I always thought you looked like a girl on that show (her name, as I look it up, is Indira Varma). I don't think you look so much like her in real life, but on the show: I thought you looked a lot like her.

  9. you really do look a lot like Idina and Lea