Friday, January 29, 2010

We just all wanna do our thing without the misery you bring.

My friends, I have gone to the gym five days in a row this week. This is no easy feat, and I feel GREAT! This morning I even ventured to try out the whole "reading on the elliptical" thing, but found that my current reading pieces wouldn't do. War & Peace has too small of a font, and The Best Magazine Writing of 2009 wouldn't stay open without me holding it. Thus, I grabbed the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly and had a great heart-pumping workout while reading about how Zoe Saldana should not be considered for an Oscar as her mainly computer-generated character in Avatar, how Jay Leno sucks (duh), and some great actors of the year simultaneously starred in paltry fare (George, Sandra, Meryl). I felt pretty, pretty good by the end of it.

The rest of the week I designated to my iPod, though. So here's what I was listening to for my workout:

01 Vagabond - Wolfmother

02 Young Crazed Peeling - The Distillers
03 Third Engine - Saves the Day
04 Seventy Times Seven - Brand New (I've come to find angry, vengeful music is great to work out to!)
05 Coral Fang - The Distillers
06 Lazier Then the Furniture - The Matches

07 @!#?@! - Motion City Soundtrack
08 Violet - Hole
09 Beat Your Heart Out - The Distillers (I remembered how much I love The Distillers this week.)
10 This Fire - Franz Ferdinand
11 When I Grow Up - Garbage
12 I Get Around - Dragonette

13 You Make My Dreams - Hall & Oates (because it will make you smile as you end your workout!)

Thanks for reading along with my whole workout mania, it helps to write it all down. Seriously, this will surprise Jesse the most, but I haven't pressed the snooze button ONCE since I started getting up early to work out! I was known for being a "gradual riser." Not anymore!

Tonight I'll be going back to the Friday night salsa class, followed by a zumba class! What's on your weekend schedule?


  1. Seriously, SO impressed. I was doing really well with the whole getting up and working out before work thing. And then one morning I slept in and it all went downhill. Now I'm trying to muster up the motivation AFTER work and that's not happening, either. Sigh, the gym is hard.

  2. I'm doing sweet FA this weekend and now I feel guilty!!! Good for you though keeping up the gym routine!

    And as for the H&O song . . LOVE that. I actually bought the dvd of (500) days of Summer the other day, cos I loved the film that much, Going to re-watch this weekend! Yay!

  3. Have you done Zumba before?? A girl I work with LOVES it and I'm starting Tuesday!! Good luck (for us both)!

  4. i LOVE the distillers. sing sing death house is such a good album to work out too.
    i also find rise against's 'black masks and gasoline' album a good one too, but i'm not sure if you are a rise against fan. but you should definitely give it a whirl.

  5. i'm so impressed by your workout schedule. i really want to try zumba, i've been hearing great things about it.

    i totally missed you last night. i was standing on the side of the stage dancing like mad all by myself and kept thinking 'if jessica were rocking out with me i wouldn't look like such a dork' hahah

  6. You are doing awesome! And yay for that playlist.

  7. I love that Wolfmother song. I'm totally obsessed with it right now. Great playlist