Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rip scripts, slash, burn up the courage.

Another thing about my job is that it can be pretty easygoing on most days - except for one week out of every month. Which happens to be this week. And when I return to the homestead every evening during these kinds of weeks, the last thing I want to do is look at a computer some more! But I'm hoping to get a post up tonight that's been in the works for a while! Stay tuned.

For now, here's a list of random:

  • I get to see Jesse next week!!!!
  • Remember back in December, when I went to Chicago for the Motion City Soundtrack shows and posted each night's setlist to my tumblr? Well, since Motion City (re)learned their entire catalog back then, they're switching up their setlists each night of their current tour and Jesse has taken it upon himself to post their setlist each night to their own tumblr! Check it out!
  • Their album My Dinosaur Life debuted on the charts at #15 !!! WOOOOOOO!!! Also, it's the only album artwork that doesn't show up on my computer here at work:

And #3 on the Alternative Chart !!!

  • Jesse and I are currently in the lead for that wedding photo contest - but please vote for us if you haven't! It ends on Monday, February 1st.
  • I get to see Jesse next week!!!!
  • Motion City is performing on THE JIMMY FALLON SHOW next week, too! You bet I'll be there!! (And of course, remind you to watch on February 2nd!)
  • I got to hang out with my bestie Jiscilla last night, as she's taking off tomorrow to visit our other bestie Christy in Austin, TX. I'm jealous of sweet friend hangs PLUS sweeter weather than the snow/sleet that's going on right now in New York. However, last night was uproarious fun with the gang, and Jiscilla's lovely boyfriend Tyler footed the bill at the end of dinner in a suprise move. Dude rules.
  • My friend Jim has the same "break out laugh face" that George Clooney does.
  • In (seriously) unrelated news, Robert Downey Jr.'s Golden Globes speech has pushed him into the #1 spot on my own popularity chart, the Top Five. George, after years as king, has been dethroned. Also, in case you hadn't heard, Mark Ruffalo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt replaced Lee Pace and Chris Pine, as well.
  • The gym, I'm loving it. Haven't skipped a morning yet!
  • And I recieved another FormSpring question yesterday, another one I already answered! Here's the question: thanks for sharing! (i asked what you do for a living) "transponster" i detect a Friends reference! (You are correct!) It seems you live a lifestyle that is desperately desired, did you always imagine your life would turn out this way? If not, how did you imagine it would?  Here's my answer! (It's somewhere there in that list!) Thanks for asking - and for thinking my life is desirable! I'm pretty happy with it!
  • Of course, anyone can ask me anything.
  • I get to see Jesse next week!!!!
That's what I've got.


  1. That is FABULOUS news about MCS's album doing so well - so pleased for you! You must be so proud J! :) And the Jimmy Fallon Show too. I don't think we get that over here, but I know that's a pretty damn big deal!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you in the photo contest too. Since I've already voted I guess i can't do much other than that. ;)

  2. Congrats to MCS! Sounds like you have some awesome stuff ahead (not to mention, seeing Jesse!) And can I just say I'm SUPER impressed that you haven't missed a single morning! I don't have that kind of motivation - any tips? tricks?