Friday, April 9, 2010

I need the rush to pulse through my veins.

On Tuesday I started working on a post about a playlist I've been listening to for the past week or so. Then I watched LOST that night, THEN I read about eight million recaps of the episode, THEN I came back to my post and started writing it like it was a freakin' term paper about TEN SONGS. I'm serious. I opened it back up yesterday and was like, "Wow, am I a crazy person? Did I just spend a few days writing pages and pages about ten songs and why I like love them and then basically dissect their lyrical meanings and what their sounds mean to me? Really?"

And also: in light of some recent developments, it's slightly embarassing if certain people were to find it and read it. Okay, I lie, not even slightly, majorly.

This is what LOST does to my brain. I get super analytical and it filters through every other area of my life. My friends and I were talking yesterday and someone brought up a relationship issue and I proceeded to give them three specific examples and a conclusion; much like a thesis.

My brain has issues. SO...I am still mulling over whether to post my super-analytical, slightly personal, and majorly embarassing post about A PLAYLIST. (I know I sound crazy!) Two questions:

01 Does LOST do the same to your brain?

02 Should I post My Post?

Holy crap, you're making fun of me right now, aren't you?!


  1. Of course you should post your post!!! :)

    Also, I love your nail polish.

  2. It's not like I haven't embarassed myself here before...hahahaha...

    P - it's Essie's new color Tart Deco! It's rad!

  3. I think it sounds like a GREAT post. And LOST makes me feel like the world is not the world anymore, so yeah: crazy.

  4. Essie just needs to ship me every new nail polish.

    I think you should post it. I was just thinking today about how obsessed I am with the song Ava Adore by the Smashing Pumpkins and I was considering blogging about that.

    It must be Lost ha. That last episode was a amazing. Charlie with the hand again! And Desmond episodes always seem to reveal so much.

  5. CLEARLY you should post your post. or wait... no. DON'T post it. because then you will be less interesting and have a less multi-faceted blog. and then i can compete with you on more of my level. ;]

    you are too amazing. UGH.


  6. Post it.

    And might I add, we haven't heard from Keanu in a while. He must be very busy.

  7. I think you should :) and as i'm writing this, i'm watching LOST.. although, i think Desperate Housewives effects my brain more than this! Creepy neighbourhoods and what not! (Maybe i'm weird too..)