Monday, April 5, 2010

Sometimes without goodbye, sometimes without hello.

How was everyone's weekend? I had quite the fantastic one.

On Friday: we played boardgames.

Jesse, Andrew, Jaime, Jim!

On Saturday we went to a great beer garden - Studio Square Beer Garden - in Queens and played some more games, in celebration of our friend Nadine's birthday:

The place was a beer garden, but it had sangria on tap. And Sunday was Easter! In which my friends and I gathered for a long brunch, and I wore a special Easter outfit:

J.Crew Cardigan, H&M dress, yellow tights!,  combat boots (new favourite thing ever), and of course, my LAMB bag.

We ate at the Film Center Cafe in Hell's Kitchen, which has a great brunch deal, and delicious food!

Jon, Hagney, Tiffany!

Kelly and Jon!

After the three hour brunch in which somebody turned up Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and a waitress broke out the entire dance in the middle of the restaurant - we went to The Gaf, a bar. We were pretty much the only patrons when we got there at 5pm and started off with some darts. Jesse and I partnered up and kicked everybody else's butt! Yes!

Kells and I striking a pose. 

Some of my darts went astray. And almost hit Jon. WOOPS.

And here is me and Amber - though, I'm not sure why I am posing as such. I think I look funny - like, a housewife or something. I know I'm not describing it well. Anyway, I laughed when I saw this photo.

If you couldn't tell, my friends are awesome and I love them. I truly feel blessed to have such good people surrounding me. Also, hilarious people.

Jesse left today for tour. Sadface. He was only here for four days, but we really made the most of it. I got him to watch Friday Night Lights, so we spent a good chunk of time watching the first season either before going to bed or when we woke up. We saw Hot Tub Time Machine. We met up for lunch on my workdays. We played darts and danced. We went out to dinner. We had fun! And now I miss his mug again, of course!

But I'm super happy. I'm just happy and feeling great and optimistic and fantastic. Better stop writing like this before I jinx myself...


  1. I need to pass on the lovely rules of drinking Sorry. My roommates and I made it up and it's quite entertaining.

  2. I love your Easter dress! Also, I love Amber's yellow sweater/leopard print scarf combo. Also, also, combat boots are such a cute look!

    Sounds like an awesome weekend!

  3. SORRY! That's so awesome. I need to re-buy that game :)

  4. First, your dude friends? Cuuuute.

    Second, I love your Easter outfit.

    Third, I would probably kill someone if I tried to play darts.