Sunday, May 23, 2010

See you in another life.

On September 22nd, 2004 - a Wednesday night - I sat down to watch a show called LOST in my college dorm room. I'd heard a few good things about the pilot on the internet, but what most enticed me was the series' creator, JJ Abrams - he had already created what was then my favourite show on television, ALIAS.

The show immersed me in its island and flashback world immediately, and I couldn't look away. Even in the pilot episode, those commercial breaks were torture (this was before DVR). I was enthralled throughout the hour and immediately called my dad afterwards:

"Dad, you have to see this show I just watched. It's called LOST, it's replaying this Saturday, you're going to love it."

He trusted me, and we soon began calling each other after each episode to discuss what had just happened. This was before online "gatherings" sprang up in order for me to get my theorizing fixes - I joined some LiveJournal communities, it's true. I spent at least two Valentine's Days on my couch watching the television show. When I met Jesse, we did what you do, talk about your most favourite things ever. I told him I loved LOST, and strangely enough, he decided to start watching LOST in 2007. He caught up on the seasons in his many cross-oceanic flights (see what I did there?). But, literally, he watched the pilot episode on a flight from the US to Australia.

And now, six years later, the show has come to its proper end. I am sad - I've never liked saying goodbyes or concluding things - but I am completely satisfied and happy to see it end in an appropriate manner.

Anybody else watch? I know there are some polarizing opinions about, but everyone entitled to their own thoughts, right? I loved the finale, and I think the writers did the series justice.


  1. So good, so very very good. Closing with Jack's eye closing was just freaking brilliant, but you know I've always loved the eye open shots.

  2. As I just finished watching it about 15 minutes ago, the whole thing is still sinking in, but I honestly loved it. I've had to say goodbye to three of my favorite television series this season, but this was by far the hardest to watch come to a close. While I am mostly satisfied, I of course still have a ton of questions...and have shed a few more tears than I probably should admit. Here's to "letting go" of a great show. So good.

  3. I am huge lost fan like yourself.
    ALIAS had always been my favorite show but Lost is something beyond anything else on tv.
    I cannot wait for the finale, as sad as I am to see it go.
    I feel like I am breaking up with a lover of the past 6 years. Downloading now, it is taking ages but I am so looking forward to see it and finally go on many forums and discuss it. Yes, I do that sort too.

  4. *sigh*

    I can't believe its over. I definitely cried a bit. I thought they did as good of a job as they could in the time they had. Some questions were answered, and some were not, which makes it fun because you can still sit around and debate what it all means. Some things happened as I predicted, but that wasn't disappointing--there were still plenty of surprising moments.

    So good. I'm going to miss those guys.

  5. So good. SO GOOD. Aaaaand we chose the same title for our blogs ;)

  6. Rick - I know! I loved that last shot (please see the picture I just retweeted). So good.

    Alice - Yeah, it takes a moment or two to decompress, right? I'm still trying to process it all! I cried a whole ton. WHOLE TON.

    Chele - I feel like it's a breakup too! Enjoy the finale, lady.

    Lyndsey - I think they did a great job in leaving certain things unanswered. If they answered everything I would have hated it; I would have felt like they were pandering to the audience, which they did in episode "Across the Sea" with the Adam/Eve flashback (makes my blood boil), but they, fortunately, did not "explain" things in such a way in the finale. I think it was a perfect sendoff!

    Emily - AHHHH! WE DID!!!! CRAZY! We'll have to discuss more after dinner :)

  7. i LOVED the finale as well, i think it was the perfect most awesome ending ever. really really enjoyed it.

  8. I just had to come back and say that it is unbelievable how many people on forums and articles are completely wrong about what happened. Did they not watch the same show? Everyone keeps going on about how they all died in the plane crash and the island was purgatory, blah blah blah... their confusion is confusing.

  9. Alexa - yay! Me too!

    Lyndsey - I don't understand how some people aren't getting it? Like...for real? I just saw a post where somebody was angry because they didn't answer what the numbers meant - SERIOUSLY? People, always surprising me.

  10. I refused to watch even one episode because I knew I'd get sucked in. However, I did watch the last 30 minutes of it last night :) Tried to understand what happened in the last six years but needless to say I failed miserably!