Friday, May 21, 2010

I want to get away, to our sweet escape.

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'm kind of addicted to sunglasses. I currently own about ten pair?

Well, most of my shades are variations of wayfarers, cateyes, or big bug-eye frames. I just decided I probably need something a bit different. Something not yet in my collection. I turned to my trusted style guru, Gwen. Well, not Gwen herself, but Gwen Stefani via Google.

And I was surprised to find she wears a lot of aviator-style frames. I really dug these:

They are apparently Carrera-brand sunglasses, and in my research of the brand I found out most people already know the name, based on it's history as a "racing sunglasses" since 1956 but also because of some badass popstars sporting them. Not just Gwen but, Rihanna, Christina, both wore pairs in their latest videos, and Lady Gaga wore a pair in her (best) video, "Bad Romance" -

This summer Carrera is promoting their sick glasses through The Carrera Escape, which is a four-city party tour (how fun does that sound already?) that's hitting Las Vegas tomorrow (at Tao Beach with LOSTie Rebecca Mader, aka Charlotte, aka will she be in the finale tomorrow?!), and eventually LA, New York, and Chicago via Lollapalooza! Um, according to the Nylon blog, during the stops: "Carrera sets up shop somewhere in a city, offers massages, food, and concerts to whomever finds their oasis, and documents the whole thing via Facebook, Twitter, and everyone who comes out to party."

Needless to say, I want to go.

I'm keeping my eye on the Carrera Escape Twitter in order to figure out how to get into the NY date, for sure. Last year they roped in Peter, Bjorn & John to play the party - and I'm wondering who they'll get this year!

Right now, my mouse is getting really itchy for some of those fun Carrera Safaris my favourite celebrity ladies are sporting. I may traipse about some stores this weekend to try them on first, though - they sell at Solstice and Bloomingdale's and are not too expensive for their $100ish price tag! Let's see if I can look as kick ass in them, too.

What do you think about the glasses? Too Gaga-licious for my walkabouts in the city? Would you hit up one of those Carrera Escape parties??


  1. Loving all the updates. Those sunglasses are fab. I think you could rock them!

  2. I'm not really a big fan of aviators - at least not on me - but you could probably make them look good!