Friday, May 21, 2010

We have to go back.

The days, they do not go by so slowly.

If I literalized the list of tasks to do and should do...the list that sits in my brain, not really as a list at all, but more like mini-sentences with checkboxes floating around, a mess in my head - if I were to write that down, I would have at least the length of a novel in my hands, though not the content (can't check that one off).

I've mostly tried to ignore it. My husband is here and I'd like to take advantage of his presence, our life together, hang out, talk, etc. My friends are each and every one of them amazing and spending time with them makes me happy, too. Can't worry about pesky to-dos in these times of living IN IT! You can see how it's easy to ignore this corner.

I blather on right now, but I've been pensive lately...and thinking of this space and what to do with it. How to treat it justly. I am sometimes seized with moments of "I must articulate every single thing that happened so I can remember how happy I was just in that time!" and I write a long, winding, winded, and hyper post. Other times I can't write exactly like the "window into my life" I've made this place -- I've always kept certain things to myself, but lately there are so many things that are either too mundane to share or I feel it's not right to. (Right to me, right to friends, right to family, right to that actor I've written about once or twice here and then hung out with him and his dog a couple of weeks ago-type see?)

So I'm trying to figure out how to keep this light, easy, and entertaining. I think my posts will become shorter, more concise, perhaps more cryptic so that I feel like I told you something without truly revealing it. You can guess. (I used to write such posts, but pre-Twitter and pre-Tumblr - I just want to pay more attention to my writing, think more of the structure of a sentence. Stylize the place, if you will. If you have a question there's always FormSpring, and the archives here, right?) I think change is afoot. I've always loved change. I want to streamline the site into something more organized, rather than the jumbled outpouring of my brain onto e-paper.

And LOST is ending, so we all need some more perplexing ruminations in our lives after Sunday, right?

Oh, no.

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