Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gonna have some great fun!

Even though A Great Big Pile of Leaves' album Have You Seen My Pre-Frontal Cortex? isn't officially being released until next week on June 22nd - they have collaborated with scene-bible site AbsolutePunk.net and for TODAY ONLY the album is available for download for FREE!

Next week expect my full review on its release date! I have still been listening to the album non-stop and currently my favourite song is "Learn to Share." I was listening to this song last week as I was crossing 5th Avenue and seriously almost did a little dance on the crosswalk. It makes me wish I had a group of strangers who walked around me on busy streets, who would break into choreographed dances when my iPod struck a certain note. I would be at the center of these numbers, of course, lip syncing with a big smile on my face. What, you've never wished the same?!

Back to the music at hand: what are your thoughts? I assume you'll download it, because, um, it's FREE and why wouldn't you? You're still able to pre-order a physical copy for $5, too, in case you like it so much you hope this band keeps making music. (What a concept!) Also, that version has extra tracks! Feedback, let's go!

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