Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame.

The weekend was a rousing success. For starters, I lived near or below that Citgo sign in Kenmore Square all four years of college at Boston University. I worked under it both as a Resident Assistant and as a cashier at Barnes and Noble. It sits atop a building close to Fenway Park, visible from the park, and always featured on the televised Red Sox games. So this weekend Jesse, me, Jim, and Jim's family (Lisa, Jim, and Amanda) went to see the Red Sox vs Phillies game at Fenway. We had great seats behind home plate, and luckily, underneath the overhang so we didn't get wet in the constant rain drizzle of the day.

Now, I've been to a few ballparks in my day, but Fenway always feels like home. No matter how much they add to it, it still feels old and historical - the scene to many a statistic, a legendary play, a heartbreaking play. A lot comes to mind just when you take a look around and see names like Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski in huge letters, or fans still sporting their Nomar Garciaparra tees. Even the roar of the crowd echoes nostalgia to all the other games I've been to. And Saturday's game added to the aura of Fenway in my mind: Daniel Nava, a player just sent up to the majors from the Paw Sox, came to his first at-bat for the Red Sox, and with the very first pitch, hit a grand slam. Only three other rookies in history have ever done the same, with only one other doing it with the first pitch. Jesse, Jim, me, and everyone in the stadium were on their feets yelling and clapping. I was trying to scream while choking down my cotton candy - this was my first time witnessing a grand slam live in the stadium!

I've had many memories at Red Sox games, and especially at Fenway Park. My Uncle Arthur was at this past Saturday's game as well, and told Jesse about the time he took me to a Red Sox vs Tampa Bay game back when I was in college. He had gotten us the "Steinbrenner Seats" right next to the opposing team's dugout - we had a superb view. And apparently Tampa Bay's second baseman was making eyes at me, which made my uncle very protective. Sometimes the memories aren't exactly statistical!

I'm pretty sure you can tell from the above picture, though, that I love baseball games, Red Sox games at Fenway park even more so, and especially Red Sox games at Fenway Park in which they beat the defending National League champions. Boom!


  1. Seeing the Red Sox beat the Phillies is always a treat :)

  2. I love going to a Sox game. When I went to Boston last summer, I made it mandatory that we go, even if they were playing the Yankees and tickets were a nightmare to get.