Monday, June 21, 2010

I'll make my way back home to you.

The weekend went splendidly. I rather love San Diego after this, my second visit. It's beautiful, the weather is ideal, and we have good times with great friends there. As I got off the plane yesterday, into the dank humidity that blankets New York, I already longed to be back in Southern California - for not only the weather but the husband I left behind, too.

We stayed at a gorgeous resort, walked along the beach, met up with Aileen and Erica for the NBA championship game, did a little shopping at some lovely shops in Encinitas, went to a Padres vs Orioles game on a whim, hung out with Brendan, Jill and the whole Klein family - including his new three-day-old Lulu!, and Jesse even ate fried butter at the San Diego State Fair.

I loved the quiet moments, too. Jesse and I spent a good chunk of our vacation driving to places around San Diego, and along the PCH. We would blast music, sing it, or just talk. Or not. It's always fun, and comforting to be with him.

We decided we had to visit the San Diego Zoo, and unlike most of my zoo memories, this one didn't smell too bad! I got to see a cheetah (the best animal ever), a panther sleeping right up close, and a baby panda bear with its mom!

On Sunday Jesse drove me mighty early to the airport, and we said our goodbyes as we usually do. He's off to do about three weeks of Warped Tour, and I have a million things planned here. And how was your weekend?!

Bonus: me and baby Lulu hangin' out:

PS Babies are tiny.


  1. Those photos look great! I haven't been to San Diego in FOREVER! And yes, it's scary how tiny babies can be. I'm afraid they'll slip through my arms.

  2. As much as I love all thing fried I don't think I could do the fried butter.

    I love the zoo! I'm still 10 years old inside...