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You loyal readers already know I love this album. I mean, have I stopped talking about it in the past three weeks since I heard it?! Seriously. But! Here's exactly why I love the album, the band, and why you should go ahead and purchase it!

I'll be honest: I'm always a little wary when a friend or acquaintance hands me music they've created or been involved in. Mainly because I understand how much effort and time and even soul goes into such a thing - and I'm scared I might not like it and have to lie just because I know how devastating criticism can sometimes be. It hasn't happened often, but still - it's happened.

When my good friend Tyler (drummer for AGBPOL, old friend, and boyfriend of one of my best friends) sent me the album, I had a few stirrings of anxiety when I added it to my iPod. However, after one listen, I sent him back an e-mail exclaiming how good it was and that I needed the album artwork, permission to post a song, etc., in order to spread the word.

My friends and his musical cohorts are talented! Creative! Original! Worthy of attention!

Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex? flows easily from the first notes of the opening track, "Alligator Bop." The music takes over quickly: I was immediately mesmerized by the first guitar sounds, the deep vocals, and the punching drum sounds. Before the first song was done, I was already swaying in time to the music. The songs all mesh together in a way I admire from some of my most favourite albums ever: I understand how they work together, but they all have particular nuances that set each song apart. In these days of single mp3 downloads, I appreciate when albums make sense from start to finish.

AGBPOL's album also achieves another level of specific Jessica Maria criteria, what I like to call the "life soundtrack factor." This factor specifies songs, albums, etc., whose sound is so particularly right, they have the ability to be associated with filmic moments. Like, it's the perfect background to walking down a busy street, or driving down a sunny highway. Songs I can use as my own personal soundtrack. There are some great albums that don't even achieve this; for instance, I really enjoy the new Gaslight Anthem, but their latest doesn't have the life soundtrack factor for me. It may for you, or someone else. In fact, in San Diego over the weekend, Jesse and I were driving down the highway blasting the new Gaslight, but I wasn't digging the mood. I switched it to AGBPOL and felt immediately more at ease with this "scene" in my life. (I watch too many movies, huh?) Anyway, if my life had montages in it, it would provide good music for that, too. I actually want one of these songs to be used in a final montage scene on a television show. Not kidding.

The dudes of AGBPOL should also be commended for creating such a fun album. I think I enjoy singing along to Pete's "oh oh ohs" and "woah-ohs" the most. Jesse and I were certainly doing that over the weekend. I've loved "ohs" in songs since hearing No Doubt's "Just a Girl" and especially in "Sunday Morning." Also, songs about spiders, zombies, and vampires? That's fun to decipher, too.

The point? Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex? is now available to purchase at their site! Check it out! Buy it! Take a listen! How do you like? Does it have a life soundtrack factor for you at all?

Also, here is their awesome, low-budget video for "Alligator Bop"! -

In related news, TONIGHT we'll be celebrating the release of their album at Erica's Trainwreck Tuesday at Angels & Kings! If you're around, come by! Also, at midnight, it's Erica's birthday!!!, so it's due to be a real funfest. Info on the flyer above!

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  1. I also cringe when a friend gives me their album. I'm terrible at lying, yet know the amount of work goes into recording an album.

    Anyway, this album is AWESOME. I love it. ALSO, completely agree with the relevant to the soundtrack of your life factor. Super important, AGBPOL definitely achieves that!

    HAVE FUN TONIGHT! annd Happy Birthday Erica!