Friday, July 9, 2010

She thinks that she can fly and she might.

Here's the deal: it's been a busy week. You could say it's been too hot to post. It's true. Next week I'll be back, but until then - I'll be relaxing at my parent's home in Massachusetts, and getting to see Jesse this Sunday at Warped Tour. And Warped Tour, my friends, is always good for a laugh. Take, for instance, this picture I scanned from the 2002 Warped Tour:

That's me in the middle, wearing one arm warmer (in the humid DC summer, I mean, c'mon, Jessica) and enthusiastically posing with the band Something Corporate (when I was totally in love with Leaving Through The Window - not many songs incorporate my name into the lyrics, this album did it once!). On that day, I remember Alkaline Trio were the first band to play, and after that I planted myself at the Drive-Thru stage. I saw RX Bandits, The Starting Line, Finch there, stayed near the front for the moshing, and got covered in dirt. My friends and I ended the extravaganza by bouncing around to New Found Glory. I had had "the best day ever." And that's what's fun about Warped Tour: you get to see a bunch of your most favouritest bands play all in one day and jump around and be surrounded by other people who are into it in just the same way.

Of course, this year, there's no act I'm more excited to see than my husband and his arms hugging me.

Do you have any Warped Tour memories? Are you going this year? Let's all share the good stuff - who'd you get your picture taken with? Best Warped act you've seen?  A funny memory? A horrible memory? I know you're out there! Let's discuss.


  1. Ummm... I def have a similar picture with William Tell from SC from this exactly same Warped Tour date. To think that our paths perhaps crossing in that autograph signing line. Incredible.

  2. Katie!!! That's hilarious. Wow. Maybe they did! Also, that I just hearted something of your on tumblr while you replied here. Ha.

  3. I loved going to Warped - this is probably the first year since high school I'm going to miss. It was like a big punk rock party. Everyone I hung out with at shows would be there. I have an equally amazing picture of me and Tim Armstrong from a few years ago. Pretty much made my life haha

  4. Sarah - Tim Armstrong?! That's amazing! Um, you need to post that pic stat ;)

  5. HA LOVE this!!! That was probably my favorite year of Warped! Mostly because of all the bands you mentioned. I think it peaked that year. I traveled on the tour for a few days with New Found Glory and had the time of my lifeeeeee. I brought like 5 of those little Kodak throwaway cameras. So many great pics. Haven't been since 2005 in Northampton - but those memories and your post KIND of make me want to go this year!

  6. Kristen - it was def a peak year!! I mean, remember how Drive-Thru pretty much dominated the scene back then?? Oh man, 2005 Northampton!? MUDFEST? I WAS THERE!! :)

  7. YES! Drive-Thru was my ultimate fav back then! They really did rule.
    Northampton 2005 was INSANE. I remember being covered in mud at least up to my thighs and losing sandals. And it took like 6 hours to get there from Boston and 6 hours to get home. I'm for sure Northampton never wants to have Warped there again.

  8. i have a billion wonderful warped tour memories. i think 2002 was the year san francisco got two days of warped tour and i went both days. i didn't go this year because i had just started radiation for my lymphoma two days before and wasn't sure how i'd be feeling.

  9. I fondly remember going to many tours in Phoenix wearing JEANS of all things, worse than an armband :) I have to say those days of the bands with the ones you've listed above are my favorite!

    Besides a few bands, of course MCS being one of them, I don't have much reason to go anymore. Although I'd probably dress more accordingly these days :)

  10. warped 06, san francisco. since i'm not much of a band-approacher (and i'm definitely not an autograph seeker), it was actually jesse's dad who suggested that i would regret it if i didn't stand in line and get a pic with the living end (favorite band alltime, whom i've seen play in 4 different countries). what can i say ? he was SO right.!/photo.php?pid=202034&id=832260693


  11. I was at the 2003 Warped Tour, only I was at the one at Randalls Island. I went with my brother, who was friends with the guys in The Used, so we hung with them all day and then got to stand behind them on stage with a bajillion other people while they filmed the performance. It was badass.

  12. Ohhhhh my godddd if I still had all my pictures from Warped 02/03/04 I would find a way to upload. I was so ridiculously into Drive-Thru.

    I remember the mistake of wearing flipflops my first year and I learned to fast!

    First year I went two days in a row, thought I would die. I do fondly miss going and being so stoked on everyone there. I went for maybe five bands tops this year? :/ It was still fun, just a bummer there's not as much good ol' fashioned pop-punk!

  13. i think i went to warped tour every year from 1997-2003. now you've got me thinking about old times.

    i loved when nofx/me first headlined the most. probably. i dunno. now i have to contemplate it for awhile.

  14. Kristen - Yep, so much mud, and so much traffic. That was the worst!

    Carrie - Sorry to hear! Hope everything went well - health is much more important than getting "Warped." :)

    Erica - haha totally get ya. Yesterday I didn't want to see any other bands...though I did make my way back to the festivities for the All American Rejects. Memories. Ha.

    Erin - Just saw the pic! Amazing!!

    That Ain't Kosher - oh man! Hilarious. I almost forgot about The Used. Even though...I used to have one of those shirts that said Bert McCracken is my Homeboy or whatever. But he was a bit sketchy when we hung out at the...'05 or '04 Warped? Ick.

    Sarah - going two days in a row would be ridiculous! I mean, I've gone on 3 days of Warped with MCS in the past, but I had a nice air conditioned bus to hide out in during the day! I hear ya on the bands...oh, I hear ya.

    Tia - that's awesome! You're like a Warped vet with six years under your belt! :)

  15. Hope you have a nice time at Warped Tour! I was ready to give up going this year after only liking a couple of bands last year, but then I decided to go because the lineup had at least 5 bands I liked.

    Your pic was taken in DC, did you live there before? That's my area :)

    My first Warped Tour was 2003, it was so fun and one of my favorites-- All-American Rejects, Andrew WK, the Starting Line, Rancid, Mest, the Used, the Ataris. One of my memories is the first time I saw MCS, which was at Warped Tour in 2004. I still remember all of the energy they had and all of the crowd surfers who kicked me in the head lol.

  16. Hey Molly! - I lived in DC on my summers off between college, I also went to Lake Braddock Secondary my Junior year of high school, and went to Kindergarten on Ft. McNair! So I've been in and out of that area my whole life!

    2003 was awesome! You def just jogged my memory re: AAR, Rancid, Mest, and Used! Pretty sure I saw all those bands too :) I was stoked to see MCS in 2004 as well!!