Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer time, the nights are so long.

Warped Tour was THE BEST! And yet - how many bands did I watch? One and a half. I arrived in the midst of Motion City's (always stellar) set, and watched the All-American Rejects later in the day. But the music wasn't the main event for me yesterday. I hadn't seen Jesse in three weeks (!!!), and thus I was elated to finally embrace him.

Apparently in the middle of the MCS set he told his tech to check if I'd arrived. Ha! I had, with empanadas for everyone, courtesy of my Mom (she makes amazing empanadas, fact). And after he got off stage, we were pretty much inseparable. Well, until he had to do a signing. But then he was back!

A great big bunch of friends were there, and after Jesse and I had a nice time catching up over delicious Mexican food, the activities began. Whether it was watching a crap movie on the bus, sitting outside the bus under their tent, or playing wiffle ball in the parking lot with some random ladies and some dudes from The Swellers (we won!). I love reuniting with Jesse - nothing feels so good than to be back in his presence, taking in all the little things I missed so much.

We were so busy having so much fun, this is the only picture that came out of the stellar day:

Me up at bat!

Alas, I had to say goodbye. He'll back back home in a week, but after only a few hours of seeing him, I miss him even more now.

Also, thanks for all the Warped memories! Loved my own memory being jogged by some of the comments, and seeing pictures! Got any more? How was your weekend?


  1. I posted some of mine on my tumblr! You inspired me!

  2. My memories of Warped years past that is.

  3. Those are the best kind of days, when you're so busy and having fun that you only get one photo. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Kristen - I totally hearted all of them :)

    Jessica - 'twas MAJOR fun!

    Sarah - they were good dudes!

  5. i often find that usually when i'm having the most fun i NEVER take pics, which doesn't always work for the blog recaps the next day - whoops.

    i'm sure it was beyond wonderful spending time with jesse and he'll be back next week! even better :)

  6. HEY! I didnt get an empanada! :(
    it was great seeing you though! :)