Monday, August 16, 2010

An easy girl to miss when you're gone.

You can rest assured I had a fabulous weekend, what with all that incessant blogging on Friday. Could you tell I just couldn't wait?! Well, I couldn't.

I went to Connecticut, to the lovely home of the Lester family - the place where my friend Jim grew up (if you can call what he does adult, with such post titles like this...). I usually post at the tumblr when traveling, so there are some pics up from the weekend. His parents, sister, and grandparents are the SWEETEST and treated us city hooligans with every nicety. Along with Jesse, Kelly, Amber, Jiscilla, Sam and Tyler - we lounged by the pool, played bocce ball, made margaritas, and ate lots and lots of grilled food and potato salad.

Amber and I began eating the potato salad around two in the afternoon and managed to consume the giant bowl in full by one am eastern standard time. We lamented eating it all after wanting more the next day.

The Lester family also initiated Jesse into a softball game and I love them dearly for they fashioned him just so for the activity:

Luckily, he didn't shame our good Johnson name and he did three very good things that included hitting a ball far and coming to home plate.

Tyler also made a great to-do about Jiscilla's impending birthday (TOMORROW! IT'S. TOMORROW.) and presented her, in a giant box layered with red and yellow tissue paper, A PLANE TICKET. To Austin! In November! WITH ME! Jiscilla and I shall be a'travelin' maids (what?) to visit our DEAREST friend CHRISTY!

Upon which I said, "Now you're like Kate."

Christy moved down south a couple of years ago, and while Jiscilla has had the good fortune to visit her, now I get to tag along as well! Oh, and we're topping off our Austin BFF Extravaganza Weekend (working title) with a rock show - aka the end of the Most Awesome Tour Ever (named that myself just now right here). Our dudes will be descending on Austin for the last date of their tour together, and if you haven't guessed yet, it's going to be so much fun!

I mean, you've heard A Great Big Pile of Leaves already, RIGHT? Thought so.

In other weekend news, Jim, Jesse, and Lisa (Jim's mom) pulled off a successful "Triple Scare" on Amber (and the rest of us, but mostly Amber) on Saturday night in which they hid behind trees or kitchen doors and jumped out at Amber (and us). There was a lot of screaming! Mostly by Amber.

Tonight I plan on extending my Jason Schwartzman Day by geeking out again with some friends to Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Also, SIDENOTE, two of my best friends have boyfs getting back from tours tonight, and I can't help but get all vicariously happy for them - I know how thrilling those days are! So congratulations to Erica and Kelly!!

PS If you liked that gray dress I sported last weekend, I bought it at Delia's and it's available online! (Though in-store I got a discount.)

How was your weekend?!


  1. Ah! Why did you post a link to that dress? I love it! But I am grounded from shopping. *sigh*

  2. Gaaajhh! You have no idea how much I need that visit to happen NOW!