Monday, September 13, 2010

We're so close to something better left unknown.

I actually ventured into Fashion Week events on Friday with the celebrations of Fashion's Night Out. Who can turn down the free stuff? I catalogued most of of it on Tumblr for "10on10" - an endeavor organized by Caitlin in which you take ten pictures over the course of the day of the 10th. But the details of Friday include this -

How hot does my Zoya Julieanne manicure look? Amber, Erica and I all decided to get painted the same color! I love how it's basically a deep black with shades of purple shimmer. Three days later and I'm still staring into my nails every few hours. Even better - I got to take home this color plus three others from Zoya's Fall 2010 Wicked & Wonderful line. I have a new fave polish brand, I think!

Friday night was also highlighted by an acoustic performance by Metric at the Juicy Couture store. Sure, I've never stepped into a Juicy store before (and probably never will again...) but it was worth all the pink sweatpants and "bling" to check out Emily Haines' belting out songs acoustically. I've had "Gimme Sympathy" in my head ever since. She has a hauntingly beautiful quality - both in her voice and appearance. A definite girl crush...

A couple of hours later Erica and I were in Brooklyn at a bar with a bunch of friends, and upon checking Twitter, I realized that I missed another girl crush, Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men) who happened to show up at Juicy mere minutes after we had rushed out of there. Instant sadface upon my realization.

After my one fashionable night wrapped up, Jesse and I spent Saturday hanging out together and planned a little date night of Thai food on St. Marks coupled with the film Machete (review forthcoming). A nice quiet evening after a fluttering couple of weeks of travel (him), work (me), and organizing (me). We left the movie theater to find out that Diaz was a few blocks away, so we headed to see him and friends. Ending up at Hi-Fi, our night was suddenly joined by more friends in the form of Adam and Kelly and Jon Cheese - who spotted us in the window. The night stretched into the morning, and I haven't seen the hour of 4am since probably the first year of dating Jesse. We referred to it as "just like the old days!" (Three years ago.)

Jesse heads out to Los Angeles next weekend for Tony Thaxton's Analog Playset Custom Toy Show & Auction. He'll be displaying his own version of the toy, along with the likes of Joe Ledbetter, Sherri Dupree-Bemis, and many others. If you live in Los Angeles, I'd check it out next weekend, too! Jesse is working diligently on his piece. And yes, you read this poster right, Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin will be performing!

On Sunday we ventured to Queens to hang out with Erica and Diaz at a sports bar for all the Fantasy Football fun. I'll refrain from bogging this place down with Fantasy talk and perhaps keep that to Tumblr. I must say that my team performed pretty well this week, despite my previous misgivings about my roster.

Now I'm back to the grind - which you may have caught a glimpse of on Friday's 10on10 - and staring at my manicure for the most part. How was your weekend?


  1. i love zoya nail polish! great color! :)

  2. Your nails look hot. Hope that didn't sound too weird.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that my NYC trip is ON! I get in Wednesday and will be spending the weekend with family due to the fact that we're all a bunch of Jews, but I'll be here for at least two weeks. We should DEFINITELY hang, so let me know if you're around!

  3. That color is awesome and I'm so beyond jealous that you got to see Metric acoustic! Ahhh!

  4. I'm in LOVE with your nail color. It is PERFECT for fall. Swoon.

  5. Ria - It's pretty great!

    Kristen - Julieanne, so good!

    That Ain't Kosher - I should be around the next couple of weeks, what's fun?? Email me! jessicaxmaria at gmail!

    Amy - Emily Haines = SUPERB.

    Jessica - such a great fall color, and after my wedding, I thought I was over Purple. NOT SO!