Thursday, October 28, 2010

CONTEST: Owl Earrings!

Okay I have a contest for you all! My rad friend Kaleigh runs an Etsy shop called Unexpected Expectancy. She's given me reign to give away two pairs of OWL EARRINGS to two of you lucky readers. Given how trendy owls are these days - I mean, have you seen Hungover Owls? that owl movie? heard that crap owl-named band that I can't even post about here? - it seems pretty apt to start wearing some self-adornments. I myself already own an owl ring purchased in Chicago last year, and how sweet are these in brass and gunmetal:

I was going to join my love of film and owls together into the contest, but had trouble coming up with very many "owl scenes" in movies myself. (But how good is the owl scene in Dumb & Dumber - how good???) So the contest is this: link me to a picture of either the cutest owl(s) ever or the most hungover owl(s) ever. First two people to do this AS WELL AS leave their e-mail address gets to snazz up their wardrobe with the brassy or gunmetaly version of the earrings!

Also, you should check out the other creative jewelry she sells, too - I love this brass key necklace (keys, duh), this librarian glasses necklace (again, duh, right?), and this really beautiful bronze feather ring! The other great thing about Unexpected Expectancy is that each month, Kaleigh gives 10% of every sale to a different charity. For the month of October, 10% will be donated to the Animal Protective League.

Full-disclosure-wise, Kaleigh came to me as a friend about this contest, but after I'd already agreed to it, she said she'd be sending me a little surprise. Totally would have done it for nothing!

I feel like dudes should totally get in on this if you're reading to - the holidays are on the way and if you have a sister or girlfriend or even mom that would totally love these, get in on it!

Post me some owl pics, now!

EDIT: We have our winners Liz & Cupcake! Thanks for all the awesome owl photos, I love owl photos!


  1. Cutest owls! :)


    goin with this one for cutest!

  3. Ah! Also,

  4. hungover owls! its a whole blog :P

    also - have you seen this video for the drunken squirrel??



  5. Too easy:

    This owl is my own. He's not cute, or hungover, just incredibly grumpy. Does that still work?


    "These little owlets were abandoned by their mom and they’ve taken on this stuffed owl as a surrogate. They burrow in its wings to keep warm" ahhhhhhhhhh!

  7. one happy owl! haha i just like the idea of this and i had fun browsing through owl pics :)

  8. Owls are my college mascot! Do I have too many pieces of owl jewelry already? Who cares! I might buy those!