Wednesday, October 27, 2010

'Cause you're the storm that I've been needing.

A picture from the fun times in Coney Island this summer; the weather's since turned cooler.
This week marks the calm before the storm. A good storm, mind you.

On Friday, Jesse flies in from the Best Tour Ever for an evening at Pee Wee Herman's live Broadway show. He was lovely enough to get us front row tickets!

Saturday morning we jet to Chicago for two evenings of the Best Tour Ever, as well as hang time for me and some of my favourite friends! Not to mention the husband, who has been truckin' away on this tour for a good three weeks. I can't wait to see some Valencia, Say Anything, and Saves the Day - and Motion City Soundtrack!! Given that it's the Halloween show and Chicago contains some of their most awesome fans, there will be some traditional MCS dressing up, though I've not been privy to the plans yet. I do have a costume of my own I'll be packing...

I'll be back in time for the work week on Monday, but Monday also signifies the beginning of November. And I've got BIG PLANS this November! I'll be participating in my first ever NaNoWriMo - which means "National Novel Writing Month." I'll be writing nearly 1700 words every single day in the hopes of reaching at least 50,000 words by November 30th...50,000 words of a NOVEL. If you're embarking on this quest as well, feel free to friend me on the website, my username (as always) is jessicaxmaria.

You could be hearing right now a gleam of the near future's SENSATION! The top of the bestseller lists! The instant-classic yet to be written! Or, not. Most likely not. But at least I'll have something to work with after November. Something malleable, something to edit. I'm quite excited and motivated.

My blog posts in the month of November may be short and sweet, as you can probably understand. Though I may do plenty of updates from the road - updates from the Best Tour Ever - as I'll be sure to have my computer handy for plane and train writing! I wish I had a light, sleek MacBook Air just for this month! But, it cannot be at the moment. No worries, my November means traveling, seeing my dude, hanging with friends, and writing - four of the best things in my life.

I aim to have an adventurous month! Anybody goes to the MCS shows? Participating in NaNoWriMo?

PS Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun contest with prizes!!


  1. SO PROUD that you're doing NaNoWriMo. If I hadn't committed to so many other projects I would totally join you, but instead I'll have to just be there to cheer you on!

  2. Chicago! Have fun this weekend here.

  3. i wish i wasn't in school (already writing papers galore) so i could do the NaNoWriMo!! but good luck :)

  4. I'll be seeing MCS in Minneapolis!!

  5. Dude! I'm in awe of anyone who participates in NaNoWriMo. Good luck and have fun!

  6. Best of luck in the NaNoWriMo entry :) That is quite the feat, and I look forward to hearing how it pans out! Have fun traveling as well!

  7. Have fun this week! Good luck with NaNoWriMo--I tried to do something similar a year or so ago, but I got bored because I started writing out a story that I had already written in my head months before, so it was like watching a movie for the 100th time and I couldn't stick with it. So, don't make that mistake. :) Also, I'm on episode 18 of 20, Veronica Mars, Season 3. Only two more episodes and then it will be over forever.... WHY?????

  8. That's an amazing goal to set for yourself!!! I hope it gets published so I can read it some day :)

  9. Have fun at the MCS Halloween weekend show! I'll be at the ATL show on Nov 14. Love my MCS boys!

  10. Zan - I remember you mentioning it one year and a friend suggest I try it out this year; I'm excited! We'll have to meet and discuss soon.

    Pham - thanks, dude!

    Andrea - thanks!

    Amber - nice! Have fun!

    Hillary - Thanks!

    Bria - Thanks!

    Lyndsey - I am starting fresh on Nov 1st. I have a rough idea, a rough outline, so I'm looking forward to getting some words on the screen. I hope you have the season 3 dvd of VMars. It has an 8minute preview of "Season 4" - it made me feel a little better to see it. But I miss that show at LEAST once a week.

    Meredith - thanks! :)

    Prila - have fun!

  11. That's amazing Jess!! Good luck!!

  12. I'm trying to get Bob to do NaNoWriMo! He is in this little "writing club" with some dudes he worked with and the stuff he writes is so good! We'll see.

  13. So what did MCS dress up as on Halloween? And what were you? I'm going on Nov 12... excited! :)

  14. The guys were all hot dogs! And I was an egg :)

    I think you can find the pic of them on their tumblr?

    Have fun at your show! Rock out!!