Tuesday, February 1, 2011

They got the keys to the city but we got a lot of shakin' in our hips.

January was a month of trips and projects. Here are the fruits of last week's project: paint the kitchen. We used to have this yellow, as you can see below. The yellow was fine when it was a huge room, but once we built out the second floor of the loft, it made the kitchen feel closed-in and the yellow itself started looking dingy. Cue the bright blue!

The right side is primed, it used to be the same yellow!

The blue is called "Serene Sky." Apt.
I was exhausted last week coming home from work every night to tape, prime, and paint the walls. It was completely worth it though, now that the kitchen is far more welcoming and feels more spacious. And we're not even done with it! Jesse and I pooled our Christmas money earnings to frame all of our posters (well, the three posters I own and the 80 Jesse does. Ha.). The posters collection will now be adorning our heretofore blank 16-foot ceiling walls. Plus, we have one more paint project in us.

Jesse returned yesterday morning from Brazil, around seven in the morning, and I had breakfast waiting for him! Bacon, english muffin, and an Erica-approved egg & spinach quiche! The roommates Sam and birthday boy Jim also got to enjoy, as well as our neighbor Adam. Who knew breakfast hangs could be so popular?

Domesticity is all the rage for 2011.


  1. Love the blue! Also, I have also been embracing my domestic side. It's not as bad as I once imagined.

  2. That's a lovely shade of blue! Love it!

  3. the blue looks great! I love the idea of a breakfast hangout :D I know that had to be a fabulous tme!

  4. I have three prints in my closet I need to frame too. It's just so expensive to order a custom frame!

    Oh and breakfast is the best meal of the day. I don't think there's a single breakfast food item that's not great, which makes breakfast a great time for hanging out, especially when diners are involved.