Friday, January 4, 2013

Everything I got in my cabinet brain.

Drinking tea, also part of my prescription.

I'm on day three of antibiotics, and the good news is that the supposed superinfection seems to have abated the pressure in one of my ears. The other ear, not so much.

The bad news is that I cannot visit my family this weekend since the stress of traveling and a party wouldn't be too conducive to the whole 'relaxing' thing I'm supposed to try. It's quite a sad day since a small group of my family from Panama just flew in to stay for the month. I'm bummed I won't be there this weekend, but I will definitely see them when they visit New York later in the month, and hopefully I can get another weekend home.

Still, sadface.

And also, Sickface.

Last night, in keeping with my prescription, my friend Amber came over and we watched The Loneliest Planet which was just added to Netflix Instant. It starts out with a shot that immediately begs about ten questions, and then it's all lush landscapes and eeriness and two or three moments. It's a meditative movie, and one that makes you think afterwards--maybe about relationships or trust or the meaning of being alone. It was okay; beautifully directed, but almost too restrained to fill two hours.
There have been a lot of movies I've wanted to see added to Netflix Instant (Oslo August 31st, Take This Waltz, etc.), coupled that with the handful of movies I got for Christmas, and you can probably guess what I'll be doing this weekend. Also, I'll probably finally post about my 2012 in books and film!

Funny story about my desk at home (where I write most of these posts, and where I'm pictured above, last night) -- for some reason my cat Pee Wee just loves to sit in my lap while I do computer stuff. It's real weird. He sits on my lap at other times, but as soon as I'm in my desk chair he scurries over and then jumps right up and usually I have to hold up either his butt or his chin to his comfort (he's a bit spoiled). So here he is last night:

He makes me feel like an evil genius while I read the internet.

He got so mad when I kicked him out so I could type this up! That is all. Here's to Friday and a full recovery this weekend, hopefully!


  1. Wait, is that a Parks and Recreation mug? Because that would be awesome.

    Take This Waltz is in my instant queue begging to be watched. I need to do that soon.

    1. Yes, it's a Parks & Rec mug! A gift from my friend that works at NBC :)
      I watched Take This Waltz last night... I'm probably about to blog about it. Haha.

  2. I'm so glad you are blogging again! I hope you feel better - I am also sick, but no superinfection. My superpower lies elsewhere....

    1. Yay, Andrea! Thanks, lady! You feel better too!