Friday, September 20, 2013


Last night started off innocuously enough. Jesse and I had a quick bite to eat at our favorite local spot, and we traded jokes and football stats with the bartender. My husband was gentlemanly and walked me to the subway so that I could catch my movie and he could catch his football game.

As I was checking my bank account on my phone, however, I saw an erroneous $700+ charged for some concert tickets in LA. WHAT?!?! I headed into the theater, and bought my ticket to see Short Term 12 via kiosk while simultaneously on the phone with my bank. Luckily it all got squared away before the theater opened, but: annoying.

I felt better after talking on the phone because before that, and after finding out--those mere minutes--is when I have near-meltdown type of anxiety. These moments are almost always caused by money issues. I'm pretty relaxed about the unexpected EXCEPT FOR THINGS TO DO WITH MONEY.


Moving on: Short Term 12 was a great film, and surely one that will be in my top 10 at the end of the year. I didn't know much about its premise going into it, and perhaps I should leave it that way for you, too. It's highly moving, and I was bawling into my wine (I love a theater that serves), and Brie Larson should be a serious contender for Best Actress next year. 

But she probably won't, as these things go.


These are probably my favorite movies of the year so far: Fruitvale Station, Short Term 12, Before Midnight, Side Effects, Spring Breakers, Star Trek Into Darkness, Much Ado About Nothing, The Heat. Yes, even that movie.


I've worked near to the Apple flagship store for years, so walking past the block-circling lines for the iPhone 5S this morning was no surprise. The noise level goes way up in the area, though. I mean, New York is always loud, but you have these lines of reporters breathlessly regaling their studios about freakin' lines.

I avoided the block for most of the day. During lunch I wandered around Midtown and snapped the photo above because it was a truly beautiful day. It's starting to get crisp in these parts, welcoming autumn, my favorite time of the year.


Do not read The Spectacular Now. The movie is probably one million times better, though I have yet to see it. 


I just IMDB'd the film The Spectacular Now and see that Brie Larson co-stars! Definitely going to see it now. Hopefully with a nice glass of malbec. 

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