Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I'm happy that the weather is turning cooler. I'm much more comfortable at work in fall layers than summer ensembles. During the summer the building blasts the air conditioning and my cute summer dress suddenly becomes a horrendous idea while I clamor for my 'office cardigan' to wrap my shoulders and 'office pashmina' to wrap around my legs. Then I leave the building and the long thaw walk begins. My shivering becomes sweat and my body is probably near convulsing at the temperature change.

So today I'm wearing OPAQUE TIGHTS and a skirt, silk blouse, and closed-toed shoes. And I feel great. I will be putting on a non-office pashmina and cargo jacket before I step outside! Hooray! HOORAY I SAY!


I've been trying a lot more of the new restaurants in the neighborhood. Last night my old roommate Sam and I grabbed dinner in the beautiful back patio (above) of a French bistro. Though it was a little cold, we were glad to be sitting there on probably the last outside-eating evening of the season.

Then we nightcapped it at another new bar a block away--the same one we went to last week for prosecco on tap. But last night? With the weather? Pumpkin ale!


Sam is getting married this weekend and I'm excited!


Something ELSE is happening this weekend. Can you guess can you guess can you guess? MWAHAHAHA!


You know when you were in college and you were kind of obsessed with a band and now that lead singer is texting you whenever he rolls into town, most likely because his newer band doesn't sell out venues as quickly as his last band? But he always remembers your name and that one party after that one show years ago where he typed his phone number into your phone and texted himself your own? Because you're married into the industry now so that means you're in the club he said. He always gets you on the list +1, though. Good chap.

That's what's happening to me right now, and I'm off to the show...


  1. I have the same problem in my office. I have a heater under my desk that I use in the summer because it gets so cold! I wish I could crack a window to make it a bit warmer but being on the 25th floor makes that not possible.

    1. I used to only use my heater in the summer too! And then they banned personal heaters.