Monday, November 4, 2013


As I mentioned yesterday, the weekend came to a close on a sad note. I think I'll remember yesterday for many reasons, and I thought of Louise all night. I remembered back in 2009 when she opened her house (like she always does!) for a bridal shower hosted by family. Above is a photo from that day, where she is sitting on my left. It was always a good time when you were in her presence.


Tonight I'm taking an evening to myself. The past few weeks have been a bit hectic, and I've had plans and been around people every day. I've found it quite hard to NOT have plans living in New York - there's always something or someone beckoning. And while I enjoy it all, every now and then I need a night of solace. Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I just watch a movie, but most of the time I write. I'm looking forward to some time spent cooking, organizing, and writing tonight.


Time for that mundane stuff - at least for most. Amber and I spent a good portion of the road trip discussing lip stick brands and colors, much to the chagrin of the men in the car. Since getting bangs I've wanted to go more vampy with my lipstick during the colder months, and I tried out my new deep red-purple shade for the wedding:

I felt a bit gothy, but I kind of liked it.
And finally, a sweet note. Jesse's good friend Jamie is a great illustrator and wonderful father. He's created a line of sweet t-shirts for little humans called Epic Days. His adorable son models them on the homepage, too! Since I'm not buying any children's clothing for myself (hi Mom!), I'll probably be gifting somebody who has tiny people hanging around. I do love the Explorers Club tee for a kiddo!

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