Sunday, November 3, 2013


I made it back from a fantastic weekend! And now to write-up a post before another day goes by or I've failed pretty early at my goal to post once a day for this month...


Me, Kelly, Amber: Return to Carlisle Barracks 13 years later...

My best friend Kelly's mother was married yesterday in Pennsylvania. The bride looked radiant and the sweet ceremony brought many tears to the eyes of those in attendance. The bride and groom met while taking dance lessons and the reception was infused with the theme - the guests all got a dance lesson in the cha cha cha!

The bride & groom showing off their dance moves!

Speech! (Tears)

Tiff & Pat

Mike having fun & Amber

There was certainly a flavor of Dirty Dancing to the night -- an old woman even stole something from someone else (though not on purpose!) -- perhaps it was the building? In high school the venue was used for our winter ball which ended with "I've Had the Time of My Life," and the just-announced king jumped off the stage and danced on his knees just like Johnny in the movie. The building is also supposedly "very" haunted, but after careful observation last night, I can only say it is imbued with the spirits of that delightful '80s romance.


The visit to Carlisle Barracks also brought back a lot of memories. The house I lived in my senior of high school, in a section of post denoted as "Smurf Village" for how tiny the houses were, has since been demolished! There are brand new, bigger houses being built upon the dust of my youth. Perhaps that's a little bit dramatic, but so was seeing the land leveled.


When I returned this evening, quite elated from the weekend and even the ride home with Kelly and Jon, I received some unfortunate health news about a relative. Well, perhaps not actually a relative, but someone connected through family and whom I love dearly and hold in high estimation. After reaching out, I spent the rest of the night thinking of her and the family and mentally sending some of the love and positivity that flowed over the weekend to them.

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