Saturday, November 9, 2013


Jiscilla, Adam, Ty Ty, Me in the light at the party last night

I love Fridays, and yet I am most tired on Fridays. The week always seems to catch up to me. Last night I returned from work and true to my plans, I made a quick dinner and sat down with S. Pee Wee even joined me on the couch and curled up under the book and purred quietly as I turned the pages. Perhaps it was the gentle purring sound that started making my eyes flutter with sleepiness, but it was probably my exhaustion. I woke up what might have been two minutes or a half hour later - I couldn't remember what time I'd started reading.

Putting the book down on the coffee table, Pee Wee and I decided to watch this week's American Horror Story, neither of us caring if we fell asleep again. However, that show is gory and it happened to do the trick to keep me awake. You know, the image of acid-burned eyeballs will do that.


Jiscilla texted me just as the episode was ending, to meet up for dinner before Justin's birthday party. We met up at a Mexican place and then proceeded to the party. I knew Justin as an acquaintance before moving to New York, and he approached Erica and I at our first CMJ in 2006 at an RX Bandits show. Coincidentally, he lived only a few blocks away from where we had just moved.

We reminisced last night about these times; about going out nearly every evening and being unemployed and eating exclusively at places that had free pizza when you bought a beer (like Alligator Lounge - here's Justin and I there in one of my first blog posts - via my Sidekick) and then being employed and how we wouldn't take any of that time back ever and that we love New York but man...just, man.


Incidentally, some of the friends at the party I hadn't seen in a while and they didn't recognize me with my new 'do and my extra goth-y lipstick last night:

One of them even remarked when he realized it was me: "Did you dye your hair purple?" NO, BUT THANK YOU. Alas, dreams.


But Jiscilla and I were so tired, and so we had to leave the party and I came back home and snuggled in bed with my cat and book. It's just what I do on Fridays now.

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