Friday, November 8, 2013


Harmless ghosts on a staircase.

Last night my best friends and I sipped libations around a cozy fire in the basement of a bar. We had woken up yesterday, surprised by the temperatures in the near 70s. By the time we all left work and arrived at the bar, after several rainstorms, it was in the 30s. The fire worked wonders to warm us!
So did their company. Kelly, Amber, Erica, Jiscilla and I discussed many a topic... they included:
  • Future Friendsgiving date and what we'll each be bringing
  • Work
  • The Paramore show we're going to next week
  • Mom weddings
  • Maybe a wedding, maybe not a wedding
  • Teens with babies, getting married
  • Teens getting divorced
  • Something is clearly wrong with Doug Hutchison
  • Carrie Mathison and Olivia Pope
  • People who think they are in an online relationship with Lil Bow Wow
  • James Deen
  • Rich people who buy $400,000 worth of lingerie
  • Rich people who buy lots of lingerie and then leave it at the store for over 10 years
  • Murder (probably our most frequent topic always laced with "Dateline" and "20/20" shout-outs)
  • Specifically, the murder featured in the documentary The Staircase
  • Murders by ghosts
  • How many murders in the world are actually by ghosts
  • The lesser known defense "a ghost did it"
  • Why don't more people believe in ghosts?????
That's just a taste of how our evenings together usually go.


Afterwards, Amber came over for our weekly viewing of Scandal. We talked more about murders while I prepared her a lavender lemon gin fizz. A few weeks ago when I was at my parent's home, I clipped some of my mom's lavender bush to save a few sprigs before leaving. I proceeded to take two mason jars, fill them with gin, and then split the sprigs between them. After sealing them tight and leaving them in a cool, dark place for a few weeks, I now had: lavender-infused gin.

It smells a lot like lavender moonshine when you first strain it, but it's delicious with some lemon and perrier mixed in. I love the taste of lavender, and so it was sipping these cocktails that we continued our discussion. Then we realized it was nearing midnight and we still hadn't watch Scandal, but we had a damn good time just sitting, sipping, and discussing life. That's why we're best friends. The time just evaporates as the conversation continues.


Tonight I hope to get in a couple of good hours of S reading after work. Later I'll be celebrating my good friend Justin's 30th birthday...and hopefully not sneaking away early to read more of S like a loser!


My friend Adam (and his friend) designed a t-shirt! It's only available until midnight tonight! CHECK IT OUT FOR ULTIMATE NERDERY AND FUN!!


Happy weekend!

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