Monday, November 11, 2013


On the tenth of every month, sometimes I record it by taking ten pictures. It started on tumblr as "10 on 10," but since I'm trying to post every day I thought I would publish them all today, here.

 01 Pee Wee and S in the morning

Oh how innocent he looks!

My 10th of November actually began around 3am when the cats Pee Wee and Frito decided to have a wrestling match next to the bed. They were continually chased out of the room; but then they also decided to put up a united front on the cause "FEED ME." Their strategy is two-fold: Pee Wee sits next to me and headbutts my cheek and purrs loudly, while Frito finds things on shelves in the room to knock over. I am always defeated: and so I fed them.

While I was downstairs, I texted Jesse. I had tried staying up the night before to FaceTime with him, but different time zones didn't allow for it. When I texted him he immediately FaceTime'd me and he saw my bleary-cat-awoken face as I sat on the floor and talked. The cats were decidedly confused as to why I had made it downstairs but was now not feeding them. I admittedly enjoyed their confusion. I was then fully awake by the time I made it back upstairs that I spent the next 40 or so minutes reading more of S until I felt sleepy again.

A few hours later I woke up when the sun was up, and took this photo. After feeding time, Pee Wee always comes back up to bed and curls up next to me in a super cute way. Demon cat! I love Sunday mornings because I can roll over, grab a book, and spend the morning just so. Pee Wee sometimes gets disgruntled by my movement, which is why he looks so perturbed in this photo. That's what he gets!

02 A beautiful, brisk day in Brooklyn

After reading for a couple of hours, I showered, dressed, and made it out of doors to meet up with Jaime for brunch. The sun was shining and the sky was blue as I walked to the restaurant in the cool weather.

03 & 04 Friend Brunch

I'm not sure these need much of an explanation. Let's be honest, Jaime is beautiful even when she's making that face.

 05 Afternoon at Home

I came back home to make some phone calls and for my new daily ritual of blogging. Pee Wee always makes sure to get in the way and to proofread. Especially since his dinner time was coming up soon.

Jesse and I tried to FaceTime but his hotel in Texas didn't have internet! We settled for a regular ol' phone call instead.

06 Vanessa Bayer introduces her brother

Later, I changed into a flannel and dark red lipstick ("Nighttime Jessica") and headed out to Greenpoint to meet up with Jaime again in order to see our friends Jonah, Geoff, and Lukas play a show. They're in a band called United Nations and performed at St. Vitus. Jonah's sister Vanessa warmed up the crowd with a few metal jokes, though I'm sure her Jennifer Aniston impression would have gone over great with all the long-haired tattoo'd guys in the audience.

07 United Nations

The band is so. good. live! At first I was afraid to be in the front due to the screaming-nature of the band, and crowd tendencies towards throwing their bodies at each other, but everybody remained energetic and non-threatening. I wholly enjoyed their set.

08 Nightwalk

I made the mistake of the taking the long way back, since it meant walking with Jaime longer. Mistake because I did not account for how cold it would be and my lack of hat. When my ears get cold I get the worst headaches and pain, and well, that certainly happened last night. It was a pretty night besides the bitter wind.

09 Subway wait

Luckily, it wasn't that long of a wait.

10 Finally home

I was home by 11pm, the nerves on my face dead from cold. I curled under the covers with Pee Wee and S, just as I'd started my day. (The second time!)

And that was my Sunday. How was yours?


I should also mention that today is Veterans Day and since I grew up as part of a military family, it's always an important day to reflect and remember those who were or are in the service. Like my dad; he wrote a nice post today about it. He writes more thoughtfully about this day of remembrance than I ever could. Thank you, Dad, and to all the veterans of this great country!


  1. ooooooooooooo, i really like this series - it's like i just hung out with you for the day, which is cool.

  2. I don't know why but I laughed out loud at "nighttime Jessica".

    1. Thanks for liking my jokes! It doesn't happen often....