Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Last night I was supposed to record a podcast with my friend Adam, but that was re-scheduled so all I was left to do was read S, talk to my husband, and have Jiscilla over for the high-minded intellectual viewing of America's Next Top Model (2.0).


First, let's talk about that husband that I miss something fierce. Before he left, we were watching The League one night and he noticed that Andre (Paul Scheer's character) had a dice box just like the one he owned! And if you watch that show, you know you want to own anything that Andre owns!* Anyway, I just found this picture in my phone after talking to him last night... we paused the show so he could his best Andre WITH prop:  

And here is Jesse entertaining me last night all the way from Austin, TX. In the second screenshot, the internet had cut out on the bus so that's what was on my screen for a good three minutes. What a jokester.

*No, you don't.


I'm off to guest-talk about Friday Night Lights for Adam's Nerd Geek Dork podcast! It's a fun 'cast, and I'll tell you how it goes! I will, no doubt, be embarrassing. So much so, that I may not even link the episode when it goes live, so you should probably follow NGD in order to stay on top of Jessica's (Likely) Embarrassing Moment.

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