Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Hey guys, I just figured out podcasts on my iPhone. Yep, I used to listen to This American Life on the regular but when I upgraded phones at some point I lost track... and then yesterday I figured out that you have to actually, you know, get the podcast app. So that's what I did! And I subscribed once again to This American Life, but also the one that I guested on last night, Nerd Geek Dork.

It was my first time recording a podcast, so I'm sure I'll sound terrible, but it was so much fun discussing Friday Night Lights with the hosts, Adam and Pete, as well as old friends Katie and Aileen! Each episode of Nerd Geek Dork centers on one topic of obsession; they've done whole episodes on Weezer and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I felt honored to be asked to discuss Friday Night Lights.

I think Katie, Aileen, and I did a a thorough job of bringing up all the things we love about Friday Night Lights, from the actors, music, directing, longevity, etc. I still feel like that show is just, you know, still around. Even last night on New Girl (which I watched after rewatching the first two episodes of FNL) had an FNL joke! FNL ended two years ago! Everybody's a fan.


And if you haven't watched it, you probably should!


Tonight I'm seeing Hellogoodbye, Metric, and Paramore at Madison Square Garden!!!! You'll most likely find me wistfully staring up with glazed eyes at Emily Haines and subsequently bouncing around like a maniac during "Still Into You."


  1. You know I LOVE hearing you talk about television, so I can't wait to hear this!

    1. Listen to it on the way to NYC for hangs next week! YAYAY!