Thursday, November 14, 2013


Okay I've been working on a big post about the great night I had last night, but I'm not quite done so I will finish it at home after my plans this evening (seeing Thor!). Until then, my gift to you is not only the fact that I will be posting TWO POSTS TODAY, but that I shall link you to the Nerd Geek Dork podcast I recorded the other day re: Friday Night Lights... and WITHOUT having listened to it yet. Listen to it if you, too, love FNL and all things related (i.e., perfect marriages, Parenthood, etc.)
Find it as the latest episode of Nerd Geek Dork on iTunes or on your Podcast app (search!)
And here's a photo of me and my cat from the other night after recording the podcast, being nerdy.

Time for me to go listen to it on the way to the theater...

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