Friday, November 22, 2013


I'm resisting the urge I have to delete the last post. But, that's my stream of consciousness. Experimental blogging!


Obviously: last night was fun.


The similarities between Scandal and ALIAS continue... S6-13 = SD6, their fathers, their mothers (maybe?), etc. You know, except Sidney Bristow was a spy. I'd really love Jennifer Garner to show up in spy-costume (like, as the red-wigged sister of Bradley Cooper's character) and trade a line with Olivia at a coffee shop.

Again: my brain.


Tonight I'm going to continue the great winter clean-out. It's like a life cleanout. I just have far too many clothes in my wardrobe that I don't wear. Why do I need clothes I haven't used in over a year? Exactly. I'll be filling up donation bags!

Perhaps I'll take some pictures of the things I haven't worn in years; could get scary. I have a tendency to keep things with "emotional value" that I don't use. I need to seriously get over that. Sadly that means all those Monty Are I shirts I kept for posterity's sake are probably going to be donated. I also get sad when I've been gifted something that I simply don't wear. I think I have a few shirts from over 10 years ago that I can safely donate now...


Jesse gets back on MONDAY!!!!

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