Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Oh Seven Recap: July & August.

July. We trainwrecked Tuesdays. I flew out to the west coast to meet up with Jesse and Motion City on tour. It was my first time spending time on the west coast, and my first time on tour with the boyfs. I was awkward, of course. I kinda maybe just a little bit fell in love with Portland. Met Jesse's dad in San Francisco; rocked out (cause that's what I DO). Spent time out with the girls. Erica was DJing up a storm! Had an awesome BBQ on our roof! Because - we. are. your. friends. Met up with Jesse's tour on the east coast for more funsies.

Tour bus kisses.

Erica DJ'ing.

Fun people!!!

New people.

Cici & me.

Lauren Ashley, Angela, etc on our rooftop for the BBQ!

Perry and Erica gettin' down with the grill.

August. The beginning of my months were jam-packed this year! Flew out to Chicago for Lollapalooza! Another city I'd never been to. Jesse got a tattoo that says Foodz! Afterparties, woah. Becca was born in my life. Colleen visited! We discovered High School Musical. Intense partying for Jiscilla's birthday!!!! Jesse returned from tour with a truck of everything he owns. Six month mark. I has diamonds, y'all.

Motion City Soundtrack playing Lollapalooza!


Jiscilla's birthday!

Dude, we had so much fun.

With El Adam!

The last time he was ever seen at AK.

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