Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You can't fake this, only imitate this.

I should probably keep this post short, huh?

Last night was rambunctious fun at the behest of Lady Dagger (&Rob&Gabe, whatever) at Trainwreck Tuesday. Erica and I met up with the girls @ Benny's Burritos for deliciousness in the form of margaritas. ALSO: it was Becca's birthday! YAY! Perry, Jen, and le other Erica were part of the fun as well. We skipped down to Trainwreck with the happy faces only margaritas can bestow, and let the open bar and dance party prolong our fun. A bunch of our awesome friends showed up and kept the night going. Jiscilla should have some hilarious pics.

I left on the ending notes of Young Love's "Discotech," fitting as it is The Anthem of our young lives in New York.

Today was a blur and I spent the evening relaxing. And talking to Jesse. Of course. I get to see him on Sunday, and I couldn't be more stoked!!!

AAAAhahaha! Revenge of the video screencaps.

And now I'm tired. But, one more shout out to Steve, best of friend, whose birthday was today, April 30th. And in honor, I sample an IM he sent me the other day to start a conversation -

He's good at opening lines. Happy Birthday!


  1. I literally JUST saw Steve like 5 minutes ago!!! I was driving back from Target (during work hours, I am a bad girl!) and he zoomed right by me!! wearing a weird hat, kind of reminiscent of a country boy? and he kept doing this weird wave thing because I don't think he knew I saw him, but I was driving my bro's jeep and it was really awkward to try and wave while i was on the phone/drinking my water/changing the song on my ipod hahahahahaha

  2. sabrina - HAHAHAHA! Are you leaving a comment from the highway too?

  3. your fiance's band just popped up on my concert notice page- i just may be going! =)

  4. sandy - awesome! what city are you in? i'm going to both NY shows, Philadelphia, and Connecticut. WORD!

  5. Gotta love margarita happy faces!

    Steve cracks me up.

  6. damn! i'll be in chicago