Friday, May 2, 2008

Lots a goin' on.

Last night Erica and I hightailed it to the LES to see the Photo Atlas show @ R Bar. Ever since seeing them perform at CMJ two years ago, I've been enthralled by their live show and hip-shaking music. So, Erica and I always know the Photo Atlas are a sure thing when they're playing. Last night was no different.

Sarah was hosting the evening of bands, and when the Photo Atlas started playing she definitely looked at Erica and said, "Keep it in yer pants!" HA. We danced through the set. She also introduced me to Ollie and Parker by saying, "This is Jessica - she just got engaged!!!" And I continued to be myself (read: awkward).

Speaking of engaged, CONGRATULATIONS SABRINA! (Srsly, everyone's getting engaged, no? See also: last night's episode of LOST.)

In other news, I finally heard Santogold's new album yesterday and I've been listening to it every chance I get. It's AMAZING. I love it already.

This weekend is Bamboozle! Lovely Colleen is crashing with us, and it starts tonight with some fun parties, including Sarah&Karen's STOLEN TRANSMISSION @ Hanger Bar. Tomorrow I'll be laying low, probably going to the Olive Garden with Sean because we love that shite, and seeing a movie. Parties at night? We'll see.

On Sunday Jesse&co. arrive for their own Bamboozle spot, and I'll be heading to Giants Stadium. Why do Bamboozle & CMJ always feel like reunion weekends?? I'll probably see a bunch of friends who do live in NY, cause our busy schedules don't mesh otherwise. And Aileen's in from the west coast, and Joyce is in from Missouri! Woot! Joyce & I also have a very wonderful and elaborate plan for Bret Michaels. I'll talk more about our shennanigans later...

And, finally, I'd just like to say that I am ever-so-proud of my fiancee. You'll soon learn exactly why.

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  1. thanks jessica!! I am so excited! (although seriously dreading the inevitable dress search ewwww!) I've gotten no work done today oops!