Monday, June 30, 2008

We are only one argument from deaf.

I started a Last.FM account like three weeks ago, so I don't have much history. And I don't listen to music on my computer, mainly just my iPod via my commute or my iHome, so it only uploads whenever I plug my iPod in. I like what Robyn does over on her tumblr, where she posts her top five artists weekly. I'm legitimately curious as to what people are listening to. So, what are you listening to? Top five? Your favorite band ever?

Uh, I didn't plug in my iPod this past week so I have top four artists of the week...therefore, you get my top ten artists of "all time" (aka the last three weeks).

If you have it, add me on Last.FM (another Rick recommend...from four years ago? ha).


  1. hmmm..i have an account but i never use it. i'll have to figure out that ipod update thing, so i can put it on my site and be cool too.

    here's what i've been listening to:
    jimmy eat world - futures
    a fine frenzy - one cell in the sea
    descendents - i don't want to grow up
    alkaline trio - agony & irony

  2. I can.not wait for the dark knight...I'm going to have to bribe a stranger to go with me or something. Ha!

  3. hm, i'm not sure what my top 5 right now are...i'll have to check that out. good idea.
    but my all time favorite is the beatles.

    PS thanks for the congrats!

  4. *say hi (to your mom)

    *this world fair ( i work for them, but that does not negate the fact that they are amazing.

    *margot and the nuclear so & so's

    *electric president (justin recommended this one and i cannot get enough)

    *the weakerthans (ditto above)

  5. sarah - i'm interested in ak3's latest, but i'm not sure i'll like it...

    dex - i miss you. i wish we were seeing our only shared man-crush together <3

    laura - beatles! always!

    lindsay - i'll check those out! i remember hearing one of them is opening for mcs in the fall (also, i feel like i saw the weakerthans in concert like five times five years ago...)

  6. what one is opening for them in the fall? or must i torture it out of jp? i am so out of the loop!!!

  7. lindsay - i don't even know if i can say! email me though :) jessicaxmaria (@) gmail

  8. haha i totally was thinking that after i posted it, that you prob couldnt just say it.

    but i asked jp last night and it was who i thought it was. SO good. yous in for a treat when you see 'em!!!

    thank you for alerting me to good things to look forward to and know!

  9. can i see you soon like tomorrow night at highline plz?

  10. robyn - honestly i can't take the cab or the hush sound. i simply can't. but soon we shall hang!! love your tumblr :)