Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jonah is back from Colombia.

Jessica: Are you back?!
Jonah Bayer Dot Org: landed last night. got stuck there an extra night.
Jonah Bayer Dot Org: so glad to be back in america
Jonah Bayer Dot Org: I seriously almost died
Jonah Bayer Dot Org: via machete
Jonah Bayer Dot Org: you gotta hear about this trip
Jessica: I knew you almost died
Jessica: I knew that before you left
Jonah Bayer Dot Org: hahahahaha
Jonah Bayer Dot Org: everyone did but me apparently


  1. For your information, one of the backpackers we met on the trip actually told me that Panama is the most dangerous place on Earth. Also, yes, I have a google alert for my own name. So what?

  2. HA. oh man. i cannot wait to hear this machete story as well.

  3. jonah - one of the backpackers that tried to slay you? uh, panama is only dangerous near the colombian border, i'm not lying. :)