Monday, June 30, 2008

Wounded lovers on the streets repent.

This is going to be a frenetic, disjointed post. My brain is too jumbled to handle editing or censorship.

This week I'm obsessed with the song "All Night Long" by Empires. I'm realizing we're about halfway through 2008, and I might go out on a limb and says Empires' Howl is the best thing I've heard so far. And hey, I believe you can still download it free.

In similar news, Wall-E is the best thing I've seen in a movie theater this year. There's still The Dark Knight, though. Oh boy...I got really scared over the weekend after hearing reports that it's ALREADY poised to break box office records because people are buying tickets online. So, I got myself a ticket for opening day. It's going to be insanity, but I'm into it. I'd definitely say it's the most anticipated movie of my young life - never before have I been so stoked on seeing a movie (though I was pretty excited about X-Men 2 - do we see a pattern?)

So Ang left me a message saying that she missed my long posts...I always thought readers would be annoyed by them, but again, this is a place about my life, and I'm a ridiculous army of words (a la Gwen) and parentheses and commas and...I digress. I started this with the archives of my hiplog, which was used purely for on-the-go blogging via my sidekick, but when the site shut down, I became a blogspotter and transferred everything. I then had this giant text box to write everything I could possibly fit or want to tell you, or myself, really.

There are still those hiplog-like posts, and at the same time, I may write a novel about a single weekend or a two hour concert. And if you haven't surmised by updates tend to come less often when a certain other half is in town (who wants to waste those times?) I guess these ramblings are stream of consciousness: I've got posts long and short and I don't prefer either, because I just write write write sometimes and other times...I don't. And sometimes, like right now, I'm just typing whatever comes to mind.

So how was your weekend? Seriously, tell me.

Mine was glorious. I escaped the madness of Manhattan for another weekend abroad. Last week we celebrated Erica's birthday virtually every day. On Wednesday, Jesse and I got to catch up with my college roommate Melissa, and it was a wonderful few hours of drinks and gab. I truly love catching up with people...especially re: gossip!

Erica, Kells, Jesse and I headed to Erica's Aunt & Uncle's place in suburban Connecticut for a grand weekend of fun. Movies, video games, a kitty!, food food food, good people, a slip-n-slide (my joints are still aching...), bocce ball, etc., etc., etc. Felt so nice.

We returned last night, and it's Monday, during the busiest time of the month for me at work, so things are still hectic. Bah. We'll see if it can die down...let me breathe a little. I had a recent doctor checkup and was told I had some weird symptoms due to stress. Awesome. :/

Something I'm stoked for: Jason flies in tomorrow!!! Good times are ahead...

I have to keep reminding myself it's a four-day week. Phew.

Oh, and here's a great picture of Kells, Jonah and his fave energy drink, and me:

PS Jonah is in Colombia. I'm not sure if he's supposed to be back yet. I think I'll start worrying next week if he still doesn't show up.

Yep, mind still messy.


  1. i heart your long posts too. :]

    okay. i was worried about jonah. i havent seen him online for ages, and i was starting to become concerned for his well-being. thanks for the update!

  2. thanks dudes!

    linsday - jonah is back. see latest...haha :)