Thursday, July 24, 2008

I wanna be the one to walk in the sun!

This weekend I'm having a mini-reunion of sorts with my college amigas! One of my besties, Dawn, is getting married in Rochester, NY!!! Last night I got all nostalgic and looked through my old college photos. Unfortch, most of those are hard copies, but maybe it's good there's only a copy or two of those, because we were pretty crazy kids. ANYWAY, the only digital copies I have are from senior week, when we were all graduating from Boston University in 2005. Craziness!

Me & the lovely bride!

Dawn, Marion, me, and Melissa - my college roommate,
whom I caught up with a couple of weeks ago.
Also, yeah white shirts and denim jackets, but it was NOT twin day?!

The infamous (haha) Katy, me, Marion.

We're all ridiculously excited, and Melissa, Katy, and I fly in tonight and are rooming together, so we're planning some extra-fun activities to remind us of dormlife. Besides Melissa, I really haven't seen any of these ladies for THREE YEARS! I miss them! I'm so excited!!

Better get back to work - I leave for the airport in a couple of hours!


  1. ooooooh have fun!

    i am coming INTO the city tonight to visit my cousin/maid of honor!!!!

  2. (and attend a black tie wedding tomorrow of people i have never met. should be interesting.)

  3. We did indeed see the last midtown show ever that night

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  5. sounds like you're gonna have a great weekend!! :)

    I can't wait to reunite w/my UMass peeps after I've moved, who I haven't seen in 5 years...! haha (Was only there for freshman year)

  6. your hair is amazing in these photos!

  7. sabrina - how was the wedding?? i've def had to do that in the past, too! weddings are always fun though, in my opinion!

    rick - dude, it's on of my favorite memories ever. also, the fact that it was THE last show of epic.

    jess - i had no idea you were in massachusetts at some point!

    el adam - o rly? thanks!