Thursday, July 24, 2008

I want you all over me like...

I spent about three hours in the past three days trying to get a package from DHL delivered. Sorry I'm not around my apartment on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday between the hours of 9-5! I have a job! Or else I couldn't afford what I ordered! Anyways, I'm over it, because I finally got it delivered (TO work) and I'm ecstatic!

Some backstory: since moving to New York, I've had to curb a lot of shopping expenses. There has hardly been a shopping splurge in the past two years. Before I moved to New York, when I was in college at BU and then for the year I lived in Rhode Island, I had an obsession with L.A.M.B. bags & clothing. Okay, the obsession remained well past the period I could afford it, but I tested my restraint and stayed away from L.A.M.B. online communities and didn't seek it out. The only time I acquired L.A.M.B. in the past two years was the amazing sample sales (once a year and items were up to 75% off!) and as gifts from le boyfs, who figured out what I dug.

Oh, by the way, you all know I love Gwen Stefani, right? Yeah, thus L.A.M.B.

I should get along with this story, no? So, I've been in a salaried job now for over a year, and I've become a great saver in all my frugality. I decided to take a look at some L.A.M.B. online last week, and I found an amazing hoodie that HAD TO BE MINE. The other reason excitement took over me was because it was 40% off! Take a looky look:

L.A.M.B. has always been about the details.

The rest of the hoodie: sweet, no?!

I'm pretty stoked, because it's unlike any other L.A.M.B. hoodies I have (I have a few!). I think it might be my favorite. And I have a cheetah print one, a red cashmere one, a victory hoodie, and I might - gasp - even adore it more than the free EXCLUSIVE hoodie that came in the goody bag at the first L.A.M.B. fashion show ever in 2005. (Yeah, I went to that!)

Too bad it's still about 80 degrees, not exactly hoodie weather. But it's made of a pretty lightweight fabric, so I'm ready to use it on some brisk summer nights and into the fall.

See? I got really excited.

Moving on, tonight I took Erica to get her first pedicure ever. It was the most hilarious experience for her. She went balls-out on that thing. She got the works, and her toes are beautifully neon orange. Not that I'm a pro - it was only my second adventure in pedicuring. But they're so relaxing, and I don't know what the crap it is, but I get a boost of self-confidence when I look down at my feet and see them all nice. I look down at my feet a lot on the commutes, otherwise I see creeps or get angry cause I'm witnessing creepy behavior.

The pedicure was in preparation for a wedding I'm going to this weekend, which I'm fully stoked about - more on that tomorrow probably...and all weekend. The hotel in Rochester has free wifi, so I'm bringing my computer and probably detailing you on some lovely ladies and our weekend pre-wedding debauchery.

In other news, last week I saw this picture of Penelope Cruz, and I totes dig her new bangs. So much so that I imagined myself with them. They remind me of Audrey Hepburn, and I love Audrey - and Penelope. I'm going back and forth on whether I should get them. I mean, no craziness with the hair before the wedding is always a rule, but I'm not getting hitched for a while. They'd definitely grow out by then. And they're kind of innocent and demure and cute. Still deciding. What do you think?

Also, I used to have regular to-the-eyebrows bangs:

(Also, that was taken the first week we lived here!)

So there's that. I'm gonna weigh that decision a little more longer before diving in. As I do with most decisions. Speaking of - that whole maybe-another-life-folder thing?'s a go. And yeah, Sarah & I are stoked. Can't say much quite yet...but things are brewing, and it feels good.


  1. This has nothing to do with your blog, and may be old news to you. BUT. I DVRed a rerun of Stevens Untitled Rock Show today. And the only cool things on it were the Motion City video for Last Night, AND when Steven said congrats to Jesse on his engagement. In case you forgot, the engagement is to you. Pretty cool.

  2. I love you new hoodie! I think those bangs would look great! If you do decide to get them I can't wait to see the pic! :)

  3. no bangs (nothing personal)
    i'm so anti right now..i've had them for the past 2 years and i just want to grow them out. i'm OK with longer bangs, but short ones, UGH! especially in the summer. unless you have AC and can stand having a hot forehead and the sweat seeping into your hair and stringy bangs by the end of the day, go for it.

    i cannot wait for the day i can tuck all my hair back without bobby pins and hairspray

  4. go for the bangs!
    they are sassy and will be a quick change. hair grows fast. i would love to try it myself, but it would be a disaster with this thick, curly hair...

  5. They never rerun the episode of Steven's that I was on hahaha.

    Congrats on the awesome hoodie, it looks amazing.

    Penelope does look like Audrey Hepburn... do you know of my love for her? I've dreamed of building a time machine, going to meet her and if we fell in love, I'd destroy the time machine so I could never come back.... that's it.

  6. umm also completely irrelevant, but your excitement for fall turned into my excitement for fall, and for the fact that I will be in NY in octobes!!

  7. Cute hoodie, and great steal!! :)

    I think the bangs would look cute on you. It's such a b*tch growing bangs out though - I've been doing so for about half a year now and they're still sideswept. haha

  8. oooooh I LOVE the new hoodie!
    bangs are tough, cuz usually you have to dry and style them correctly, or they flip wrong and can ruin your day. they require dedication! hehe

  9. I miss shopping too. Seriously, I feel like all my clothes are three years old...oh...wait...

    Also, not quite a pedicure, but I have seriously been thinking about getting a pro-fes foot massage. I walk alot. they hurt.

    oh, and I like your hair long

  10. to all - thanks for your opinions, they are being taken into serious consideration! also, sean, i'm not cutting all my hair off!

  11. correction: I like the front of your hair long.

    hahaha, whatever! do what you want!