Thursday, September 18, 2008

About last Sunday...

Ah, Sean, always so shy about how much fun he's having. A few things about this:

1. BL Limes are cheap. And awesome. Some might say better than a Corona and lime. Certainly better than a Corona without lime.

2. You'll notice a different bottle in one of those six packs. That is something called a "Miller Chill." None of us had heard of it that past Friday night, until someone (who shall rename nameless), came with us to the store to buy the BL Limes and compared it to a Miller Chill. We scoffed. We bought a bottle and proceeded to conduct a blind taste test at our apartment - yes, as in coke v. pepsi. I poured shotglasses of each beer and Adam, Erica, and Anonymous were the subjects. Not only could they discern the difference, but everybody liked the BL Limes better. Next, we're going to put it up to the test with a Corona & lime. The Miller Chill shall never be spoken of again.

3. This is Sean after a few beers. In a couple of weeks, I have to take care of this dude post-wisdom teeth extraction, drugged. I have to lead him back from the Manhattan dentist's office to Brooklyn, via subway, and safely. Ha. I plan on making him comfortable on the futon while re-watching Pushing Daisies on Blu-ray.

4. I'm re-watching Pushing Daises because it came out this week and should be delivered on Friday and the only time I've seen it has been on my computer. I'll probably watch it eight million times before its premiere in October, if only to sigh at the wistful gazes between the Pie Maker and Chuck. My obsession is coming out of hiatus. For real.

Ah, and now we come to our subjects Gaby and Eli. I felt like Gaby was an undercover reporter that day. Stealth and behind-the-scenes. The Enemy (as Jeff Bebe might say). Quiet, alert, and asks questions politely. I mean, she might have been a little scared, with four Patriots fans riled up and yelling on beer and chips and new quarterbacks and very old, old quarterbacks and toxins. Speaking of toxins...

Erica Dagley, and her concoction of death. It looks so unassuming and delicious - and it was, it was so delicious - until the end of the night, far past the game's victory, and we all found ourselves sitting somewhat shellshocked on the couch, staring at something on the tv, but not sure what. Seriously, that HBO show True Blood was on and we just started watching from the middle of it, and I think all of us were in a sangria coma. Well done, Dagger, well done.

Until next Sunday, when the Pats play at one pm, and it starts all over again.


  1. Poor anonymous, she's young, she didn't know any better.

  2. I so wish you had witnessed Anna Friel pre love interest in "Pushing Daisies" as Beth the lesbian (possibly the first in British soap opera history!!!) in "Brookside" . . . it's quite a leap!!! :)

  3. ah man, just thinking about this day almost makes me drunk again.

    and btw TOTALLY correct about the end of the night, i really only sort of half remember True Blood. HA.

  4. Erica aka the Dagger aka CoffinSeptember 18, 2008 at 11:53 AM

    football is bananas amazing. that is all.

  5. I LOVE Pushing Daisies. Lee Pace = swoon city.

  6. I think I need to start watching Pushing Daisies. And also? this post makes me want to drink. Stat.

  7. Just my two centavos, but any artificially lime-infused beer seems unnatural to me. I've tried the BL Limes, and it's just...weird. Like some hops and water and limes got invited to a party in my mouth and no one's talking to each other and it's all super awkward...

    Oh, and it sucks you guys are in town on a FRIGGIN' BYE WEEK.

  8. el adam - haha, i know i know. :) we're giving her great life lessons, though.

    paula - me too! i love anna.

    sean - i know, right?? YEESH.

    erica - shut your face. again.

    michelle - omg lee pace. <3

    nicole antoinette - you do! you do!

    john - i get it. but it's still delicious to me. and yeah, we're in town on a bye week, but i'm only there through saturday night anyway!

  9. Found you through Jamie (Oh! How Lovely!) and her severe props for you. I totally love that you conducted a blind taste test. This is something I would do. I do enjoy a corona and lime... so maybe this BL Lime you speak of isn't as horrible as I image. Miller Chill? Pssssha.

  10. mermanda - hi! welcome! the BL Lime is a fantastic cheap treat. ha. it might not be as great as a corona and lime, but sometimes when you're a girl in a city where the average beer at a bar costs $7, it's cheapness wins over anything else! :)